Patio Dreams & Plans

Earlier in the week I talked about our front door spruce up and adding some flowers around the house, so today I wanted to do a little more outdoorsy talk.

A lot of the flowers I bought already (particularly the daisies) will go into the ground after memorial day, leaving room for a few container herbs to go on the front steps. I like to keep onion grass and basil there, close by, because I use them constantly when cooking.

As for the backyard though, it’s a never-ending mess of projects. Over the years I’ve added a garden bed wall (here) to our dining area and plants are justtttt starting to settle and spread there. I bought 2 shrubs (rhododendron) that I added in the bed last weekend. I’ve also made a compost bin system (here) and a small vegetable/herb garden (here)- but none of that is particularly pretty.

backyard before 2015Our yard is 2 levels because we’re on a hill, and the previous owners left us a bit of a mess to deal with… it looks way nicer in pictures then it does in real life. Because you’re being fooled into thinking we have grass. We do not have grass. We have awful cheap turf. Also not awesome:

  • There’s a random too-wide-to-be-a-walkway cement paver situation next to the second section of turf. But if we removed that….
  • we’d have to spruce up the vast wasteland of sand directly next to it because there used to be an above ground pool that we took apart and sold. This area serves as a fire pit now but could use some love.
  • On the second level, where our patio table is, there’s just dirt because it’s too shady for grass. I have no idea what to do here. Giant pavers? Gravel (will that hurt my dogs’ paws?)? Mulch? I don’t know
  • The dirt section in front of that (by the swing chair) will someday be filled with ivy ground cover, but it’s slow goin’

So you can see we sort of have a few “patio” areas. The dirt pile our actual patio set is on, plus the fire pit area, and even the cement “basketball court” section. The bummer with outdoor stuff is that none of it is really instant- it takes time for things to grow (like the ivy! come on ivy, growwww!). So, while I wait, I’m dreaming. I created a Patio Dreams Board on Wayfair full of stuff that would make this area much more awesome.

wayfair birdbath double seating flower planter and string lightsbird bath | bench seat| flower pot | string lights
I think matching flower pots, and string lights, and nice seating go such a long way, don’t you? What’s on your patio wish list?


I partnered with Wayfair for this conversation, but I am a real customer of theirs already and they have EVERYTHING for every area of your house. Check it out!!


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  1. Outside is so overwhelming to deal with! It’s one thing I would totally like to just throw money at if I could: someone come design an awesome backyard for me and then do all the work for me, too, please!

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