Essential Oils: Five Months In

In my first post about essential oils I posted about some basic ways I had already started to use them (here) so now that I’ve gotten a little more into, and had time to do a little more reading on them, I thought I’d follow up with some more ways they’ve been working for me over the past few months.

essential oil reviews young living now brand


  • FRANKINCENSE & TEA TREE OIL: I used one drop of frankincense in the morning and one drop of tea tree oil at night on a wart on my finger for just under two months and it is now completely gone. And, to make sure, I stopped using this treatment about a month ago and it’s still gone- so it gets rid of them for good! This is by far the most cool and impressive use I’ve found so far.
  • TEA TREE OILI don’t how I forgot about this, but I totally used tea tree oil on my pimples when I was in high school (from The Body Shop, at the time). So when I remembered to use it again it was a real game changer. Generally when I get a pimple (which is rarely these days thanks to a face cream I made, listed below) it leaves a dark spot on my skin for a few months, and tee tree oil helps that clear up far quicker as well.
  • ORANGE: Massaging a bit of orange oil, mixed with lotion or coconut oil, on your stomach when it hurts (or when you’ve, ahem, over eaten) has proved to be super helpful. I’m not sure if it’s the massaging motion, or the oil, or both, but this works just as well as popping 2 antacid pills and smells delightful. My husband loves this use as well.
  • STRESS AWAY: This mix is specifically from Young Living. I roll Stress Away over my forehead, behind my ears, and on my wrists before bed on nights when I feel restless and anxious and it helps me not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.
  • *CARROT OIL: I did a lot of reading on this oil and supposedly ingesting 1-2 drops a day is supposed to help with psoriasis, but I’ve had no luck at all and it’s been about a month now. To be fair though, I have had no luck at all with any psoriasis treatment for the past 10 years. Ugh. (Ingesting oils isn’t a great idea for everyone and you should do your research before doing so.)


  • LEMON, LAVENDER, FRANKINCENSE: I mixed 10 drops of frankincense and 5 each of lemon and lavender in about 2 cups of coconut oil and use it as an overnight face cream and it is awesome. The coconut oil reduces fine lines, the frankincense evens out skin tone, the lemon refreshes the skin, and the lavender helps reduce redness. At first I was very nervous about putting coconut oil all over my face (and neck) but it’s awesome and the whole combo is great!
  • LAVENDERPut 1-2 drops in your mascara to help strengthen and lengthen lashes- love this and it smells so good!
  • JOY: I just use Joy in lieu of perfume sometimes. One drop over the heart and on the wrists lasts almost all day long and really helps lift your spirit.

So overall, I’m still totally on the oil boat. The current draw back is that since it’s summer we keep the windows open all the time, so it’s not really worth diffusing and we miss that use a lot. I also still haven’t found a use for everything in the kit I have yet, but I’m definitely working on it!

How do you use your oils?


Landscaping the front yard

One of the problems caused by the freak accident at our house was damage to the front lawn. To access the pipes that needed repair, a portion of the lawn was bulldozed. Insurance gave us money to use towards adding new sod, but we felt like new sod in only one area of the yard would look a little weird so we decided to take the opportunity to landscape.

dug up front lawn

Our front lawn is not level with the street because we’re on such a big hill, but it is a spot we use when we entertain and an area that really wasn’t very pretty. The grass was in rough shape, it was covered with weeds, and it wasn’t doing us any favors.

before landscaping

Matt & I spent HOURS digging up old grass, leveling the land, and putting in a whole bunch of new stuff. We added:

  • A stone and mulch walkway from the front door to the bed you see all the way on the left above (6 bags of mulch just for the walkway!)
  • 2 hydrangea bushes (twist and shout variety) & 1 hydrangea tree (pinky winky variety)
  • 4 juniper shrubs
  • rock border (because holy cow we dug up a lot of rocks)

We bought a huge roll of weed blocker and put that down under the entire walkway and as much of the landscaped bed as possible, so hopefully that’ll help everything stay nice.

Even though no one ever uses the front door, aesthetically this is just nice to have. I think it helps make everything look a bit more polished. Note: we’re going to bury the drainage pipe, the store was just out of a part we need to make it happen.image

The windows in the foundation are for our basement movie room, which was also seriously damaged in the accident. I didn’t want to block out all the light form that room, so I planted the hydrangea bushes about 4 feet out from the windows. In that left corner there’s already bleeding heart plants, so I let them stay- they’re hideous once they’re done for the season but I think eventually the hydrangeas will grow to cover them more and they’ll all end up blooming at different times.

The bees found the tree almost immediately, which I’m pumped about because my garden is on the other side of the fence and I think that’ll really help things grow well next year.

Our backs are going to hurt for at least 92 years, but it’s totally worth it!