On Turning 30

Today I turn 30. Or, as I prefer to say, I turn 25 for the 5th time. I am struggling with this age. My twenties were awesome, which makes it difficult for me to not stay in my twenties forever.

In the past 10 years I have:

…earned a Master’s degree (age 21)

…bought a house & started this blog (age 25)

…adopted a dog (age 25)

…married my stud muffin of a husband (age 27)

…gotten 2 nephews (and married into having 3 more nephews and a niece!)

…paid off my credit card debt (…twice. whoops)

…switched jobs (3 times! whew!), started a second job as an adjunct professor, and signed a contract to freelance for HGTV.com

A few months ago I was scrolling through  my personal Tumblr page to grab graphics for a class I’m teaching and I stumbled on this post, from 2010, that I totally forgot about:

30 before 30 tumblr screen shot

25 year old me decided a 13 before 13 list was good enough, and I thought I’d check back in on that now:

  1. Well I haven’t made a construction paper craft, but I have done a TON of construction paper crafts with my Silhouette so I think I’m covered (check out this owl themed baby shower with TONS of paper crafts)
  2. Uh yeahh, I’d say I bought a house. 😉
  3. I did not join big brother/big sister but I do donate to them almost monthly, and I work with an underprivileged population through my day job too.
  4. Definitely reduced my dependency on paper towels! Yay environmental awareness!
  5. Stay hamburg free? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  6. Covered it up on Saturday- although I went with a rose instead of a marigold.
  7. Haven’t toured the finger lakes wineries, but I have toured like 5 other wineries so maybe let’s call this half covered. 🙂
  8. Thanks to my husband, I have seen all the Rambo movies.
  9. Haven’t visited that darn zoo yet and I’m still dying too!
  10. This summer we vacationed in the Bahamas. IT WAS BALLER. (and we’re planning a trip to London for 2017 too!)
  11. I’m glad I put “create,” because while I didn’t paint, I did turn a shower curtain into a canvas (here).
  12. Dyed my hair black a few summers ago. And I loved it! But my husband hated it, so I’ll stick to reds.
  13. No hot air balloons for me yet 😦

Soooo… 9ish out of 13 without me even remembering the list. Not too bad! But it still doesn’t make feel great about officially being in my 30s.  ::insert scared face emoji here::


12 thoughts on “On Turning 30

  1. My 20s were awesome too… maybe that’s why I had such a hard time with 29. But not with 30. 29 seemed an end, while 30 was just a new beginning of awesomeness! Then I repeated that at 39/40. But 49/50?… nothing. I guess I’m happy enough at where I am and what I’ve done, but not so worried about what’s to come. At least, I hope that’s why the complacency!
    Happy birthday and here’s to another fabulous decade!

  2. It seems like everyone either has a hard time with 30 or with 40 (at least everyone I’ve talked to about it). Turning 30 was barely a blip to me (maybe because I had a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and was pregnant with Gus when it happened; I didn’t really have time to notice ;))….but 40 (a few months ago) was HARD. But my mom and dad both say the opposite: 30 was tough, but 40 was no big deal. So, hey–maybe you can look forward to a totally non-traumatic 40th! And happy birthday!!

  3. If you’ve done your 20s right (and it looks like you have), the 30s are a wonderful decade. You are much younger than you think (but not a kid any more, which is great!) and most of the world’s energy is targeted right at your demographic (says she from the vantage point of 50). Enjoy! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! The 30s aren’t so bad. I am 33 myself and I think I agree, the 20s were trying to figure out life as an adult. Not everything is figured out quite yet, but that is part of the adventure! Welcome to the club!

    As always, love the posts!

  5. Happy Birthday, Steph! I’d say your accomplishments are pretty AMAZING and that the next ten years will be just as good, if not better! I feel like the twenties were about figuring out who you really are and getting really comfortable in your own skin. I think life in your thirties is about enjoying ALL that hard work! I definitely see you as a role model, so you can add that to your list as I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way! I’ll finish up my master’s next year (at 31) and I’m on track to pay off debt in the next year as well. Enjoy your day and embrace your thirties (we don’t look over 21 anyway so who really cares?!)!!!!

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