DIY Wedding Guest Book Alternative

This past week two of my loveliest most awesomest friends got married in a small ceremony in their beachy hometown. Instead of a wedding guest book, they opted for a piece of art. Made by yours truly!

plywood and wood canvas art  Originally, they outlined an idea for a frame with a suspended canvas in the middle of it but that would have required maybe a grommet maker or a lot of hook and eyes and honestly I just wasn’t that confident I could do it- I can build anything, but I’m not so much a crafter. So I took some artistic liberties and this is what I came up with:

rustic wood and rope guest book art

The frame is made of 1×2’s  mounted on a half inch thick sheet of 24x24in plywood. I glued the 1×2’s onto the frame with Gorilla Wood Glue and since there was a little overhang I added some staples to the seams (from the back) as well. I adhered the canvas with Gorilla Super Glue and it worked great- I just put some weights on it overnight to make sure it set well.

gorilla glue- wood and super

The frame and plywood is stained with Minwax Special Walnut. Depending on the type of wood the stain might go on with a little bit of a greenish undertone, but that totally fades once it dries. On the 1×2’s it had the undertone, but on the plywood it didn’t- it must be how quickly it absorbs or how it looks wet. I’m not sure.

Once all the glue was dry I cut and hot glued about a million strips of rope onto it- just about 2 full packs of this rope. I could get the curves sharp enough, which is why I glued individual strips.

DIY wedding guest book - close up

I love how it came out! Very rustic and a great looking piece of art while still being sentimental and full of meaning.

**Gorilla Glue supplied me with the wood and super glue, but honestly I would have used it anyway because it’s a go to product for me.