#BlogItForward for Habitat for Humanity

This holiday season I’m helping Wayfair spread the cheer with their #BlogItForward campaign.

habitat for humanity and wayfair

I wrote  a few weeks back (here) about how I get the winter blues, and one of the ways I combat it is by helping others and doing some good deeds. I know it sounds cheesey, but my being depressed about it getting dark early is nothing compared to a kid who wakes up Christmas day with no coat to wear or food to eat. It’s all about perspective.

blogitforward - wayfair

There are so many ways to give back. Here’s just a few of the things I personally do in December that are SO EASY everyone can do:

  • When buying your holiday gifts through Amazon, use the Amazon Smile link. You can designate a charity to have a portion of your purchase go to (might I suggest Bright Hope Animal Rescue or MassStar?)
  • Participate in a coat drive! We all have extra coats/scarves/gloves lying around and someone needs those. I work at a college so I just drop stuff off for our Veteran’s and single moms. A local shelter would take them too!
  • Donate something! At my college we have a basket raffle to raise funds for our Student Emergency Fund. This year I built a rolling dress up closet and my coworkers all brought in stuff to fill it up with- not quite a basket, but I think it’s going to be a huge money maker!
  • Every year the Improv Asylum  in Boston runs an event called No Rest for the Wicked Funny- where they do 24 hours of improv comedy and auctions to raise money for Globe Santa. We always, always, always go but this year it’s on a Sunday- so I’m just going to donate to Globe Santa directly (here)


I’d love to hear how you give back- and if you’re a blogger, make sure you write all about it and include a badge so you can help Habitat too!