DIY Rolling Dress Up Wardrobe

Every year at work (I work at a community college) the offices each make a basket to raffle off as a fundraiser for our Student Emergency Fund. This year, our office wanted to “think outside the basket” and one of my coworkers came up with the awesome idea to make a Dress Up Closet.

I built the closet from scratching using these plans from Ana White as a general guideline, then my coworkers went hunting for great gear to load it up with once the after-Halloween sales kicked in.

Homemade costume cart- kids play wardrobe

The build on this was fairly simple, and I had several cuts made at Home Depot to make things easier when I got home.

I bought (2) 1×6’s and had them cut in half at the store to serve as two sides, the back, and the bottom…. they’re too wide to fit in a miter saw and I didn’t have a circular saw at the time (but I just got one! woo hoo!). When I got home I angled up the tops of the sides to add a little more style and interest.

cut list- diy rolling dress up wardrobe


  • To attach all the sides I used pocket holes, made with a Kreg Jig Jr., about 5-6 pocket screws for each joining.
  • For the front 1×4 and 1×2’s I counter sunk Spax brand wood screws then used wood filler to cover them prior to staining. Don’t forget to  make pilot holes before drilling in screws so the wood doesn’t split!
  • The dowel was a real work of love. I used a spade bit slightly larger then the width of the dowel to notch out a hole on each side, then Gorilla construction adhesive to tuck it in extra tight.
  • Sand it all down nice and smooth, then use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess sawdust.

You could totally just add another 1×6 to the front, but I thought the crate look was cute and it allows you to see what’s being stored in there a bit easier.


I had an old mirror lying around so I glued that on with E6000, then hot glued a little rope around it for some detail. I also hot glued rope at either end of the dowel to hide some of the mess I made with the construction adhesive.


Three coats of Minwax stain (in Riverstone) went on the outside and 1 coat of primer with 2 coats of pure white paint went on the inside, then I sealed the whole thing up with three coats of Minwax polycrylic (and 5 coats of poly on the dowel since it’ll get a lot of use).


As a last minute extra, I used E6000 glue to attach some white knobs on the other side, to hang bracelets/hats/necklaces on.

I love that this is super cute for a kid, but not a total eyesore to have out in your house.

This wasn’t exactly cheap, maybe $70-80 in total due to the quality of the wood, but is such a cute idea and it can be customized a million different ways.

Homemade costume cart- kids play wardrobe



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