Evolution of an Entryway

In the past 4.5 years we’ve lived in this house the front entry is an area I’ve continuously struggled to get right. We actually don’t enter the house through the front door, but it’s where the coat closet is. Also, because of the house layout, it’s open to the kitchen and living room as well as next to the stairs for our second level.

The first time I ever saw the entryway it was a bit… cluttered.

before front entrance

I apologize for the terrible picture… this was taken on the first tour I had of the house, long before the blog came in to existence. But honestly, even in person it didn’t look much better. I had no idea how much space there really was, and barely noticed the actual closet.

Over the years, it’s had a few different looks:

front entrance changes

First, I tried to get that chalkboard wall to work. I really wanted it to. But ultimately, I got rid of it (see how here). I also added an end table that I upcycled (see how I spray painted and glazed it here)

Once the chalkboard wall was gone, I added in some art I got in New Orleans, a few little thrifted mirrors, a scale my father-in-law found for me, and a trunk I had since college.

The third look isn’t terribly different, I just found a better spot for that art and I added in that kick ass glam mirror (scored for $25 at the Habitat Restore!). Also, you can’t tell from the picture, but I turned that silver end table to a hidden litterbox.

It still didn’t feel… right though. I swapped out that black framed mirror for this awesome gold and Halloween-y one I got at Homegoods. I also teamed up with Wayfair and scored this AMAZING chest of drawers.

front entrance- silver and white

Now, things feel to scale. And the storage is so much better! And the lightness of the white really works for me to. I think this is FINALLY it.

entry way decor

What do you think? So much lighter and happier right?

light white entry way

I think I’ve finally got a keeper… now to figure out how to keep that scale from getting so dusty! 😉


I received the dresser free from Wayfair, but was not required to write a post about it- I’m just in love and wanted to share. 🙂


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