Operation: Get List-Ready

So last week when I was all we’re just looking and we don’t plan on moving for a year. I don’t know who I was kidding. Have I met me? Because I am excitable. And a bit impulsive. And, luckily, financially responsible enough to handle my impulsiveness.

We found a house we want to offer on. And realistically, we are probably not going to end up with it because we have a lot to do to get in gear and someone else will most likely swoop in before us. However, that gave us the kick in the butt we needed to move forward with getting pre-approval and wrapping up house projects that need to be done so we can list when we find another house we love.

If by some magnificent chain of events we do get this house it means:

  • I meet with the bank today to get our pre-approval (scheduled!)
  • We sign a bunch of paperwork about listing our house (done!)
  • We list our house TODAY (oh my.)
  • We get ready for showings to begin Friday (OH! MY!)
  • We sell within the next two weeks? (WHATTTTTTTT!)
  • We move within the next two-three months? (AHHHHHHHHHH!)

Hold on one second while I have a panic attack at that rapid turn of events. Does anyone have a paper bag I can breathe in to?

In a more realistic chain of events:

  • I meet with the bank today to get our pre-approval
  • We find out other offers have been made on the house we want
  • I spend about two weeks (as opposed to 48 hours) getting repairs/updates done to our current house
  • We keep looking and pounce when we find another house to love
  • Everyone gets to sleep and eat as normally scheduled

In regards to our current house, this means I need to finally wrap up all the not-so-fun projects I’ve been procrastinating on for ooooooh about four years:

  • Scrape and sand and paint the hallway ceiling (I may have scraped and sanded it at 7:30pm on Monday night, in my work clothes, in a mad surge of energy)
  • Paint the damn basement stairs already
  • Finish the damn half bath already
  • Probably pack up all my weird trinkets and year round Halloween decorations (sad face.)
  • Get an electrician in to fix some small things that we’ve just gotten used to (I have one booked!)
  • Get our bathtub re-glazed because it’s so sad and impossibly dingy (I’ve emailed around to get quotes!)


So yeah, that’s were I’m at. An all-encompassing-obsessive-panic that is probably driving my husband nuts and definitely makes my lovely real estate agent question my sanity. That is most likely all for no reason. Unless it isn’t. In which case, I need that paper bag again.


Side note: If anyone who knows me in real life needs a real estate agent, I have a fantastic one whose info I would love to share with you.




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