Master Bedroom Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I showed you what our  master bedroom looked like, and that is mostly because it always photographs yellow no matter what on earth I do. So I’ve decided to just surrender to that fact and show you some yellow-ish after pictures. 🙂

When we last left off in the master, it looked like this:

master bedroom before

It was fine and all, but a little sterile and just not super stylish. So these days it’s looking more like this:

master bedroom after

Bazam! The white duvet cover is VERY helpful because we have 5 pets that all loooove hopping on the bed and now we just take that off and bleach it once a week. Good to go!

The nightstands are from Target and they’ve held up VERY well. In fact, most things are from Target: the big wooden frames, curtains, chair, and floor lamp are too.

The bed is Ikea and dear lord it is not coming with us when we move. Sure, it looks cute in pictures… but the underneath… is held up by some rocks from the yard. Yeah. This bed has been taken apart and put back together at least five times and finally the metal just got permanently warped so we rigged it with some big rocks and called it a day.

From back to front, the square pillows with the tassels sticking out are Target, the gold are K-Mart (shocking! I know!!), and the front one is Homegoods.

The framed art is from Etsy (here), and I highly recommend you check out his shop because he has all sorts of cool stuff in there.

If we weren’t going to move I’d replace the white blinds with nice bamboo ones, but it’s just not worth it right now.

vintage blue oriental rug

These oriental rugs on either side of the bed are literally the bomb dot com. I snatched them up from my grandmother’s house and I will never give them back because I’m in love love love with them. Also, it is so nice to step out of bed on to a cozy little rug.

white and cream master bedroom

The other view of the room is decidedly more cluttered, what with the cat shelves on the wall and having a big ass tv, but it’s warm and inviting so I don’t mind so much.

That navy blue dresser belonged to my mother in law when she was a child and I super love it. Having a mix of painted and stained furniture is something I’ve grown to really like style-wise. The how-to on the paint job is (here), and you can also spy an even earlier rendition of the room in that post too.

how to build a console table- easy and step by step

Also, that little console table was my first attempt at building furniture, so even though the legs are a little wonky I’m still super proud of it. Find the how to for it (here), and also the how to for that dog bowl next to it (here).

And there ya have it- our collected, ever changing master bedroom. And don’t worry, I put away the big gold skull when I staged the house for sale. Actually… I put away an entire box of metallic skulls when I staged the house for sale. And one real one too. I have a problem with loving Halloween all year long….


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