How I Accidentally Bought a Tiny Orchard

Last night I got in a deep swirl of Google-ing, as I suspect we all do from time to time. It started off innocently enough…. for some reason I was wondering if almonds grew on trees or in the ground.

So I hopped on my phone, and in 20 minutes the following series unfolded:

  • Oh! They grow on trees! Interesting!
  • Hey! There’s a variety for my planting zone!
  • …and this farm in Missouri has a sale right now!
  • … they sell apple trees too! I’ve been wanting those!
  • aaaaaand I’ve ordered 3 apple trees and an almond tree

To be honest, my plan was to eventually get apple trees for the new house anyway. But my plan was also to watch the land and sunlight for a year and then order them next summer. But it takes like 2-5 years before they even start baring (bearing?) fruit. So I  might as well plant them next week. The day after we move in. I’m pretty sure I know where my shovel is packed…

I am so freaking excited about this though! I ended up ordering them from Stark Brothers. They have a ton of helpful reading and video tools, a long history of success, and great reviews.

I ended up with one each of the following:

  • Golden Delicious (semi-dwarf, self pollinating)
  • SunCrisp (semi-dwarf, with pollinate with the ginger gold variety well)
  • Ginger Gold (semi-dwarf, will pollinate with both the other two well)
  • Hall’s Hearty Almond (self pollinating)

apple trees - stark brothers


They’re being shipped as root-ball trees…. meaning there’s no dirt in the pot. From what I can tell this means I’ll need to soak them in a bucket for about 4-5 hours they ease them in to the sunlight and temperature before putting them in the ground.


Any tips for me? Any of you all grow fruit trees?


2 thoughts on “How I Accidentally Bought a Tiny Orchard

  1. I’ve planted a bunch of small trees lately… not fruiting ones though. The ones that I soaked were called “bare root” though, not root ball. Whee I bought mine the root ball ones have dirt in the ball of roots and do not get soaked. I don’t know if Stark Brothers uses a different terminology from Arbor day Foundation where I got my trees from. One thing I do know though is don’t let your roots dry out as your accustoming them to the new place. If your not going to put them straight in the ground put them in a large pot. And don’t plant them too deep! Don’t go lower than the existing crown (where the roots join the trunk). It felt wrong to me at first… I was used to planting deep like with tomatoes, but with trees it’s not the same at all.

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