A Slight Change of Plans

It is just before 8am on Tuesday morning, and until about 5:30pm last Friday night I thought this moment in my life would be spent nervously shuffling around our pets before heading to lawyers offices and banks for the day. We were supposed to sell our house at 9:30am and buy our new one at 1pm, but unfortunately that all got rescheduled.

This whole process has been a whirlwind, and honestly for as rushed as its felt it has gone by pretty smoothly- so we were bound to run in to some sort of snag.

Unfortunately there was some ill timed paperwork submission (not on our part) that has caused us to have to reschedule everything to Friday of this week. All of the paperwork for everyone was settled late afternoon on Friday of last week, but Massachusetts has something called a TRID regulation that requires 3 business days of down time after loan processing before anyone can buy. I don’t really understand it, but basically since yesterday was a holiday our three days are today-Thursday and so everything got pushed to Friday.

There was a solid period of time on Friday when I was afraid this move would not happen at all so I am glad that it is happening (overjoyed! relieved! breathless!), but still incredibly frustrated. Three days doesn’t sound like a long delay, but when you take in mind all that a move entails it really is:

  • Electricity/Water/Cable/Internet shutoffs had all been scheduled to shut off/transfer
  • Our POD move was scheduled and perfectly timed so we only had to pay to have it for a month
  • I have 4 bare root trees arriving to the new house tomorrow, which means I had to spend an extra $50 on buckets to temporarily plant them in once they arrive.
  • We had a glorious 12×16 shed scheduled to be built at our new house for Thursday and now theres $150 postponement fine and we have to wait a month and a half for it, which means all our yard stuff will have to go in the basement, which means I also can’t set up my workshop
  • I had outfit planned very carefully so that everything I didn’t need would be packed- so we’re limited on clothes and also don’t have a washer/dryer
  • We had taken off work for this and arranged for friends to help us and now their schedules have all been affected as well
  • We had pared down the fridge and pantry to minimize how much food we’d have to move and I had to go grocery shopping again
  • We had planned for my parents to come on Saturday and would have had 4 days to prep the house before showing it off and now we’ll only have like 12 hours

And I know that honestly all this stuff is not a huge deal, I know that. But it kinda feels like it is. And I know that 3 days isn’t that much when we’re going to be in this house for like 30 years. But it kinda feels like it is. And I know that I should just be grateful we’re able to buy our dream house at just 30 and 32 years old respectively, and I am, but that doesn’t stop me from being cranky either.

All this to say, looks like there won’t be any house updates for another week. And in the meantime, I’ll be sitting around in my underwear until Friday because I only have 1 pair of pants unpacked.

And if by chance I do go out, and you see me out, and I look disheveled, I am. Because I’ve been wearing this shirt for like 2 days now, and I had to hand wash my one bra and it dried weird, and I’ve been in an empty house with 5 animals for far too long, and I’m freaking tired.