Still Waiting.

I don’t even know where to start with this post because it is such a bummer.

We were supposed to move May 31st. Then June 3rd. Then maybe June 10th. But currently, there is no closing date scheduled at all. We’ve gotten murmurs that maybe there will be a closing date scheduled for next week. :: le sigh ::

Everything on our end is ready to goooooo, and all the people working for us have been amazing, but our buyers are struggling to get their loan paperwork successfully completed. We can’t buy our new house until we sell our current house, so everyone’s waiting. And I’m not sure how much longer everyone is going to agree to wait for so please cross your fingers and toes, and pray to the new gods and the old, and say a novina, and leave an offering for Buddha, and generate good vibes— whatever it is you do, do it I beg of you. Because I am currently sleeping on a mattress on my floor and don’t have chairs or silverware or lamps or any of the stupid material things I’ve gotten so accustomed to. Also, we have like 4 outfits each because we packed the rest and barely any food because I have no idea how long we’re going to be in our house for.  All of our belongings are stored at friends houses, and my husband’s boss’ office, and inside a POD unit (which is sitting in the driveway of the house we don’t own, and has been there since May 29th).

I’m sure there’s a really good lesson on patience, or humility, or appreciation that I’m supposed to be learning right now. But I’m too stressed out to learn it and I super promise to reflect on this later so can I please move now? Thank you much.


So yeah, an update that there is no update but maybe there will be an update soon. 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there and stopping by even though I have no projects or pretty pictures to share!


6 thoughts on “Still Waiting.

  1. I am so sorry. We did things backwards this last time for exactly this reason. Bought the new house and then put the old house on the market. Barely made it because obviously everyone can’t technically “carry” two mortgages at once.. luckily the market was hot and we never had to pay them both in the same month. I can’t even imagine the juggling. I wish you were close to us so I could help you in some way. Ugh.

  2. Oh I’ll say the prayer for you… We only bought a house literally 7 houses down the street and then the closing date got messed up so instead we moved to my parents 1 city over for 1.5 months! It was supposed to be so easy, no moving truck required… Lol… And I was 7 months pregnant, just barely made it in before little #2 came. House buying and moving is stressful!

  3. buying and selling at the same time is so hard! I feel for you and your family. We have to be out of our house on 6/30 but can’t move into our new one until 7/30 so we will actually have to move twice and store our stuff. Assuming all the closing dates actually go through- ugh. I hope this happens for you ASAP!

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