Custom Master Closet

This is BY FAR the most exciting house related thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on- a custom master closet!

Our new house doesn’t have a ton of storage in it, so we really wanted to maximize the master closet. At first glance it seems pretty big, but it’s a rectangle shape so it’s hard to organize and figure out hanging rods. The back wall is about 47 inches long and the 2 usable sides are about 63 inches long each. The height is about 110 inches.

So… I decided to follow Donna’s advice and treat myself.


 I took all sorts of measurements, hopped in the car, and drove an hour to our nearest Container Store. The process was so easy– I brought in the measurements, I walked around the display closets with a sales associate and learned about options, and then she took about 45 min-1 hour to put together a design for me. I went with the elfa system, which is fantastic and literally what all my dreams are made of.

The sales associate both printed and emailed me the blueprints so I could take them home and look at it all in the space, then I emailed her some small changes and she re-rendered it for me. Here’s the original sketch rendering (they provide you with a blueprint style outline as well):

custom master closet blueprint

I opted to assemble the closet myself, and it took about four hours but once I got the hang of it, it was super easy. The time consuming part is spacing everything out in a way that works best for us, our  height, and our personal preferences. 

I don’t know why I was surprised by this, seeing as I bought the system from an organizational store, but the assembly instructions were SO GOOD. I had printed instructions, emailed instructions, then a customized video walk through based on what I ordered. Amazing.

The ride side is one metal strip anchored vertically to the wall with baskets hooked in. The left and back sides are are each one metal strip anchored horizontally to the wall and then everything else hangs off of it. It’s crazy sturdy! Also, because I chose to self install, they gave me a ton of wall anchors and a ton of wood screws since I didn’t know which I’d end up needing until I started drilling.

This closet is for my husband and I to split…which is a challenge because I could totally fill it all myself. But look how pretttttyyyy…..

elfa tcs birch and white wire closet

elfa container store master closet

The right side is for his ties/bowties/socks and also my flip flops and ballet flats. The left side is all mine and from top to bottom I’ve got duffel and beach bags, purses, works shirts/cardigans (hanging), a shelf for clutches, dress pants (drawer 1), regular pants (drawer 2), two rows of heel storage, and the floor for wedges. There’s also a valet rod (for steaming) and hooks on the side (for belts).

We are splitting the back wall. The left side is for my wedding dress (folded up top) long sleeve shirts, suit jackets and hoodies, then dresses and skirts hanging. Not pictured in this rendering, but I also added a wire basket all the way at the bottom to hold scarves. The right side is all for m husband- tshirts, dress shirts, dress pants, hoodies, etc.

Each shelf is about 90inches up off the floor, so I’ll need to get a small step stool in here. However, we tried to arrange it based on usage and season so things can move around pretty easily.

This was NOT cheap- I bought it during a 25% off sale and it ran just about $950 for the whole thing. However, it’s so pretty I want to cry actual tears whenever I open my closet door and also it’s insanely good quality. The whole thing is a wire and bracket system- but the finishing touches are what make it look so high end. Each of the brackets has a seamless plastic cover, each of the shelves has a wooden birch front panel and also a frosted plastic mat to lay down on it, everything is perfectly matched, and there’s even a cover for the track at the top so you can’t see any screws.

It’s all filled up now and a bit harder to photograph, also I have a large clothes hoarding problem so holy cow is it jam packed, but it fits way more than expected and if I could marry it I would.  ðŸ™‚






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