Plans and Goings On

Hi all! Things have unintentionally slowed down quite a bit here on the ol’ blog, but honestly we’re just enjoying our home and taking some time settling in.  I’m trying to take on a new vibe in this house. We’re here for the long haul, and it’s lovely as is, so I just want to be settled and happy and not constantly working on 900 projects even though I’m constantly thinking about 900 projects.

I do currently have one furniture redo underway, and I shared a peek of it on Instagram a few days ago. I used Citristrip to get off the sealer and cherry tinted stain and was about halfway through sanding it and sort of fell in love– I think I’m just going to clean up the legs a bit and then seal ‘er up and call it done. What do you think?


I also recently ordered this ah-mazing rug for our dining area. I’ve been creeping the Facebook page for this duo (The Novogratz) for months waiting for the pre-order and then I pounced! It arrives mid/late October and I’m already beyond obsessed with it. I love all things skull-y and I’m also trying really hard to incorporate color in to this house so this is obviously the most perfect rug ever made just for me with me in mind.


My parents also offered to help us get a new dining table as a housewarming gift and at first I was like noooo I’m going to redo the one we have! I want projects! And it’s perfectly fine! Waste not want not! But then I discovered that zinc tables are a thing and now I can’t stop thinking about this one even though I’m pretty sure that’s an awful lot to spend on a table and it’s also like 150 pounds which seems insane but also super cool and unique and interesting. But the heart wants what the heart wants, amiright? Also, skull rug and zinc table? It’d be amazing.



ANYWHO. We’ve got just about every box unpacked and I’m slowly slowly slowly starting to hang things on the walls. This house has such a different layout than our previous one, but I love all our framed art so much so I’m trying to find spots for everything that don’t appear cluttered or mismatched.

So. Next week I hope to be back with a write up on how I stripped that console table and what products I used to seal it up. And then I’m thinking maybe Halloween house tour video? Because even if I don’t get around to unpacking the boxes I sorttttt of keep Halloween decorations out year round anyway. (IE: SKULL RUG!) So I’ll be back with you soon! Thanks for stopping by!




2 thoughts on “Plans and Goings On

  1. One of the best things we did when we first moved into our house (barely over three years ago) was wait. Watch the sunlight move within the space. See how you prefer to pass from room to room. Figure out which room do you end up gravitating to the most.
    We set out furniture and some art, but mostly waited and move things around (a lot) until we had the vibe of the place. Then we felt free to remove doors, paint walls crazy colors, plaster artworks on every surface, and all the personality that made it ours alone.
    Just to say it’s okay to take your time.

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