Console Table Redo & Living Room Update

This new house has been a real interesting test for my style- it was built in 1920, but completely gutted and redone within the past year. Every room in the house is gray (which I love) and the floors are all brown toned (which I also love). The house calls out for wood, so I’m trying to strike a balance between answering that call but also mixing in whites and metals and some funk.


Our living room has the sectional from our previous home’s den and at first I wasn’t a huge fan of having such an informal piece of furniture in such a visible spot in the house, but we’ve already used this room SO MUCH more than the living room in our last house because it just feels more welcoming and flop-on-the-couch-able.

It looks a little cluttered and over-layered but it alls serves to protect from our 3 cats.  All 3 blankets (2 on the chairs, 1 on the couch) are positioned to prevent cat scratches on the backs/sides of furniture , and the cat tree is an unfortunate must as well. A better blogger may have staged more, but this is real life so this is what you see.

We have this console table from our old house that I really wanted to make work for this room too, but the reddish stain color was just not working and it had some deep scratches from some rude puppy paws. Perfect opportunity to try out a few new products!


I used Citristrip and a hand sander to get this piece down to it’s natural wood tones. The Citristrip was… ok. I put one layer of it on, let it sit for an hour, and then scraped. This worked to get off the protective coat and some stain. I then put another layer of it on, let it sit for two more hours, then scraped, and it got off a bit more stain. I think it’d be more effective getting off paint than stain so I’m going to give it a try on another project before I fully decide how I feel about it.


After round 2 with the gel I decided to just speed things up and grab my hand sander to finish the job. I got about 75% done sanding it and just…stopped. It looks really deconstructed and cool and it fits with the other two pieces of wood in the room so I decided to seal it up and leave it!


I used two coats of Country Chic Tough Coat to protect this piece and it worked great- it dried super, super fast and without any bubbles so I didn’t have to sand again afterwards.


Full disclosure: they did send me the product free to try, but I am under no obligation to write about it or give a positive review. I did genuinely love this product and will be using it again!


On the other side of that partial wall is the kitchen (to the left) and the dining area (to the right, where the sliding doors are) so this is a nice transitional piece to fill that wall and add some storage (tablecloths, etc).

Overall, this space is really coming along and I’m tweaking it a bit every day.



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  1. It’s nice to see real life happening in blogland! Cat tower and all. 🙂 I have a dog kennel I’m constantly trying to avoid taking pictures of…I could move it but then again, it’s life. Your living room looks comfortable and your table looks great! Hope your week is going well.


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