Dining & Kitchen areas

The dining room in our house is easily the most “me” spot I’ve ever designed, which is strange since the adjacent kitchen is so extremely opposite of my style. They’re open to each other, and to the living room, and our master suite is right off them to round out the first floor. I, surprisingly, have loved having our bedroom right off the kitchen. Our laundry closet is in there, as well as a full bath, and for a two person household it is perfect.



I just got this zinc trestle dining table from Overstock and it is perfection- it’s 135 pounds and seats 6 (you could squeeze in 8) and just fills the space perfectly. It could dress up to be fancy and banquet-y, or it can dress down to be really industrial and cool (literally, the top is cool to the touch). Also, apparently zinc is a live metal so if it gets scratches or light stains it’ll just heal itself up over time. Fascinating!


The Eiffel shell chairs are from our last house, and the two end swivel chairs are from my Nana’s house (purchased late 60s/early 70s). Originally I was thinking I wanted to recover the swivel chairs in a deep navy tweed, but the yellow has really grown on me. What do you think?

The rug is from The Novogratz and I’m obsessed with it, and I’m hoping I’ll find a good black Friday online sale for an 8×10 sisal to layer under it. Originally there was a boob light over the table so I swapped it out for this hanging lantern style one and the brushed brass is so lovely. You guys- it’s super easy to swap out a light. Do it. Also, the Edison bulb casts a nice yellow glow that I really like in a kitchen/dining spot (but wouldn’t like in say, a living room or bedroom where you may want a clear white light to read).

The mirror is from the Habitat Restore, it was in my last house as well, and I’m so glad I found a spot for it here. It’s one of my favorite pieces. I’m thinking of adding 2 floating wood shelves to either side of it but can’t decide if that would feel too crowded. I need opinions on this too!


The swing shelf is from my previous house as well, and it’s the perfect thing to keep my plants safely away from our cats. The painting was done by my Nana and I love that it brings a bit of fall in to the house all year round. Originally the frame was plain wood but I wanted to tie in the molding and doors a bit better so I painted it white.


As for the kitchen- yes, yes, I know. It’s beautiful. Granite counters and french country cream cabinets and everything is brand new and fresh…


However, it couldn’t be farther from my taste and I dream of the day I can reface the cabinets with white uppers, navy lowers, and swap in a marble-esque quartz or soapstone counter.



I replaced the pendant light in here too, to match the dining one. It’s really the only spot in the kitchen that is available to customize so I just had to.

So that’s where we’re at in this spot– about 80% done, just need to bargain hunt for a larger rug to layer and  decide on floating shelves and chair fabric.

Also, don’t be fooled by the skulls and mummy planter… my house is not currently decorated for Halloween. 😉 I dig a little macabre in my design.