DIY Rolling Crate

Each year the college where I work has a winter fest where offices make a themed baskets  and/or wreaths and then they all get raffled off. It’s one of my favorite days here (second only to the chocolate sampler party on Valentine’s Day.. mmm….). I love love love seeing the themes people come up with for baskets and even cheesier than that I love when we all line up with our tickets excited to see who wins. I don’t even care if I win, it’s just a day where everyone is happy and chatting and it’s so nice.

Last year my office decided to buy a bunch of kids costumes (discounted right after Halloween) and I built a DIY rolling wardrobe to act as our basket. This year where decided on a “Local Christmas” theme and got all sorts of locally made/sourced items, and I decided to build a rolling crate for our basket.

I sort of winged it for this one, I had an image in my head but I didn’t write down any plans or measurements. What I ended up with was:

  • 24in x 24 in sheet of plywood (maybe 1 inch thick? it’s sturdy enough to hold some weight without needed extra bracing)
  • 3 sides made of mitered 1×6 boards with an extra detail of 1×2 strapping on the bottom of each
  • cut and mitered stacked 1×2’s to mark the front


After cutting everything down I gave each piece a light sanding, wiped them down with a damp rag, then stained them with Jacobean by Minwax (the same shade  as my open shelves). Let it all soak in and dry overnight.

I attached the strapping detail to the sides with Gorilla glue, I also used Gorilla glue to adhere the stacked 1×2’s to each other. Clamp all the glued things and let that dry overnight as well.


My pocket kreg jig broke so I cheated a bit and each of the sides are screwed to the plywood board, but not to each other. I’m obsessed with Spax brand screws– use them. love them. buy them in bulk. Also, always pre-drill your holes so the wood doesn’t split. I used an impact driver to pre-drill and a regular power drill to screw each piece together… which is lovely, because then you don’t have to switch bits back and forth a million times.

I had 4 wheels in my stash that we didn’t end up using on a piece of furniture when we moved, so I screwed those right in to the bottom. Then I staged it around my house to take pictures for the blog and began wishing I could just keep it for myself….


I think I may need to build 500 more. It can be a shoe bin if you throw a mat at the bottom, a bet bed if you put a big pillow in it, a plant stand (just seal it up with some poly!)….

Here it is all put together at work:


This can be as fancy or as simple as you make it out to be- I mitered the back corners for a sleeker joint, and angled the front pieces to add some interest, but you can make all straight blunt cuts if you want to keep it basic. You could also just use 1×6 pieces for all 4 sides inside of changing it up on the front. The sky’s the limit, baby!