Brave New World

It’s a weird new world we live in now- if you’re at all like me you’ve been hyper attached to the news since January 20th and more aware then you’ve ever been in your life. Which sounds like such a good thing, but unfortunately it’s not driven by such a good reason. I’m so privileged to have not really had to worry about these things before now, and further privileged that I still don’t really need to be and am just now choosing to be. 

It’s become more and more important to me to make decisions with a purpose, to very intelligently and peacefully #resist. I am not at all what I would consider an activist, but I do care deeply about feminism and animals and the environment and education- so I guess in this Brave New World I am now an activist. It’s not a super comfortable role for me, so most of it at this point means I’m encouraging my students to be kind and to do the right thing and I’m forcing myself to read things that I otherwise would ignore and I’m making more purposeful donations each month and I’m watching more documentaries and overall I just want things to be good and smart.

I catch myself thinking passively, thinking I don’t care who you voted for as long as you’re kind to others and treat people as equals- but that’s not right. I do care. There was a wrong choice. 59% of the country voted, and less than 50% of those people voted for our new leader, and that is really a strangely depressing fact. If my math is right, less than 30% of the entire country voted for our new leader? How is that ok? What have we done? I am very concerned.


Our parks and our animals need funds and care. Global warming matters. Bees as an endangered species is a problem. Did you know that if all the bees died we’d only survive on earth for something like four years? FOUR YEARS! Holy cow. And that if it’s not required to disclose how many animals you’re testing products on, and what those animals are, then rescue groups can’t come in and take those animals and place them in loving homes when you’re done with them? They just go in to ovens and then they’re gone and I could cry just typing that. UGH. Why on earth in 2017 are we even still testing products on animals in the first place? But that’s a whole other issue…

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Elizabeth Warren has been on the news so much for her speaking out (or maybe just my news? because I’m watching “liberal” news?) and I know people don’t like her and that’s fine– but one of the more concerning responses is that she needs to watch what she says because no one listens to an angry woman and that is what really bothers me there. Men were permitted to read the same letter she was not. Several men, in fact. WTF. Maybe you don’t like her, or don’t like democrats, whatever (ugh, there’s that passivity again)… but my real issue here is that your gender should not have to dictate your opinion and tone and delivery.


I was recently nominated by some students at work for a Women’s History Month award, which is lovely and the second time I’ve received it (alongside other amazing women here where I work) and one of the questions the student interviewer asked me is what it is important for other women to know– and the answer is simple– that we need to advocate for ourselves and for others. We are not in competition with each other. We need to support each other, and raise each other up, and give praise instead of shade. Such a simple concept that we all seem to be struggling with so much.


And really, I don’t mind differences of opinion- but if you have a green card you should not have a problem entering this country. And if you have a religion you should not have a problem entering this country. And I don’t care how much money you have, or where all your damn hotels are located across the world, people should be treated equally. Do you know how insane the vetting process for refugees already is? Because they go through rounds and rounds of surveying and evaluations and questioning and it can take years and it is not easy and I feel like you should probably read the darn policy before deciding it doesn’t work.

I don’t know. I have a lot of thoughts about this stuff, and I think a lot of people do, so we should talk about it. What do you think? What are you reading? What are you watching? What are you going to do? Has it really only been ONE MONTH? Because holy cow I’m tired already!



6 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. I don’t think I could say anything that would improve on what you have already said here. It’s so easy to take what advantages we have for granted, without realizing that we didn’t always have those advantages, and we may not continue to have them. Keep speaking out please… your voice is important.

  2. Loved it Stephanie! I shared your post with my son..he is just like you..discovering his political (or passionate human) voice. Animal and environment lover like you. Perhaps Sandpaper and Glue has a new meaning(I remember you saying you weren’t sure where the blog would go)..Sandpaper is the resistance..Glue is the many ways we are all more alike than different. Now I shall take my hokey self to the couch and drink coffee. 🙂

  3. I am so proud of you!!!! It starts with being kind for sure. It can’t end there anymore. I have been struggling with how I need to get involved and where I go from here. I am a big fan of Rachel Maddow and I think that she is a super smart voice in a sea or journalists who are starting to get defensive. She is a self labeled liberal who calls out people and their actions.

    I think that focusing on the causes that you most care about and identifying the organizations that seem to have the greatest impact and lend your voice/time or money. I think that it is no longer safe to take the “think globally, act locally” stance. Yes, it is important to do what is right within our communities but it is also important to act nationally!

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