Creating a Cruelty Free Home

If you’re a regular around here you know we’ve got a little zoo of animals: 3 cats and 2 dogs. Both our dogs were adopted from a rescue, 1 cat was adopted from a shelter, and the other 2 cats were taken in by people who could not keep them any longer.

I also volunteer for a few different rescue organizations, and basically my life goal is to pet every dog in the world. SO, that being said, I’ve decided to  make a more conscious effort to buy cruelty free products for my home and life. I’m not going to throw away everything we’ve got now, but I can replace it with better choices when it runs out- and so can you!

For the past few weeks I’ve been digging deep in to the Beagle Freedom Project website and they’ve got an app (Cruelty Cutter) that allows you to scan all your products to see what is cruelty-free and what isn’t. Holyyyyyyy cow a lot of companies test on animals! For no reason at all! My husband and I were so shocked and sad as we walked around the house scanning everything we own.

All this to say…. there’s some great cruelty free products out there and here’s a list of some I already have and love in case you’re interested. ALSO important to note… just about every cruelty-free product is also an all natural and/or organic product. Which kind of makes perfect sense when you think about it, and makes it an even better idea to switch over.


1. Cleaning Products

Overall I think we need to chill out on the cleaning chemicals, so frankly this is a move I’d make either way. These two brands are awesome all  natural and cruelty free, and while they’re a little more pricey then my beloved Dollar Tree Fabuloso (don’t judge me!), they’re clearly the wiser choice.

  • METHOD is a great cruelty-free option, and it’s sold at Target and the grocery store so it’s an easy switch. I have shower spray and hand soap by them, both of which are excellent. Once my current dish soap (Dawn) and specialty cleaners (Windex, Weiman granite & carpet cleaners) run out I’ll replace those with Method brand products (specialty cleaner list here)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s  is another great choice, particularly for laundry detergent and air fresheners (Febreeze is not cruelty-free!)

2. Bath/Shower Supplies

This one is tricky for me because I have psoriasis and need to be super cautious, but  some of my stuff was already ok. WHEW.

  • The Body Shop is my go-to already for face wash, toner, and face lotion and luckily is cruelty free. (This 4 piece kit goes on sale every now and again, and I stock up when it does).
  • EO Products makes all sorts of stuff, including shower gel and lotion. I pick up this brand at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but it’s on Amazon as well.
  • Surprisingly, CVS Brand products tend to be cruelty free as well… soooo that’ll be my next shaving cream!

3. Make Up

This is another tricky one, because I likes what I likes for my makeup. But it’s probably the most important one to switch out.

  • Bare Minerals has been a favorite of mine for years, particular for their foundations and powders. I was so relieved to find they are cruelty free!
  • Burt’s Bees has all sorts of good skin and lip care, I recently bought their new BB cream and it’s lovely.
  • Too Faced is a brand I’ve heard of regularly, but don’t currently own anything from. They’re next on my list!
  • Dickinson’s makes the cut as well, and is super cost efficient. My husband uses their toner every night so I’m happy to see he can keep doing so!

What else do you use that’s cruelty free? Is this a change you’re willing to make?


2 thoughts on “Creating a Cruelty Free Home

  1. I love this post – and yes, something I try to think about before buying! I assume Lancome didn’t make the list and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with their products lately (it’s the only thing I actually splurge on for myself), but I’d be willing to try something new, especially since I’m already spending an arm and a leg on products. I have no idea, however, what the heck toner and serum and all that other junk is for and if it is actually doing anything for me. It seems that whether I use products or not really doesn’t make a difference, in fact, the less crap I put on my face and the less I wash it (I know, yuck), the less I tend to break out. I also don’t wear a whole heck of a lot of make-up, but some days I like to feel prettier than others. 😉 Lastly, I eat organically, so I think it makes sense to start switching products over, since I’m not eating chemicals, why would I want to be rubbing them all over my body. I’d love to talk more about this and thanks for bringing my attention to it (again!).

    • Thanks Meg! Lancome does not make the list… the BFP website has an app called Cruelty Cutter you can download to scan stuff you already own and see what is cruelty free, and there’s a bunch of websites too. I agree with the less stuff on the face… I use toner after my shower so I don’t break out, a homemade coconut and essential oil night cream (or the body shop one depending on the time of the month… lol), and then keep my make up routine pretty much the same every day. It’s a lot to consider, but I think once you find products and make the switch it’s easy to maintain.

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