A Common Man’s Guide to New Orleans


I’m a frequent flier of New Orleans, we have family there and I’ve been 3 times in the past 5 years… and will probably go a million more. So today I thought I’d just do a quick and easy post about my top 5 favorite spots/things to do that won’t break the bank and are totally worth your time.

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First: Take a Haunted History or Vampire Tour (both posted here). The tours are about $25 and the guides are excellent. Both tours are an evening stroll through the French Quarter (with a pit stop at Lafitte’s Blacksmith bar… get the purple drink! trust me!) full of neat stories, anecdotes, and history. They are genuinely fun and entertaining, and a great way to get your footing in the area.


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Second: Dat Dog! omgggg Dat Dog! You may be thinking to yourself, Stephanie I did not fly all the way to New Orleans to eat a hot dog BUT YOU ARE THINKING WRONG. I absolutely WOULD fly all the way to New Orleans to eat a hot dog because they are glorious and delicious and I need one every day for the rest of my life. I strongly suggest you go to the one on Frenchman Street, sit on the upper balcony, order a beer with your dog, and listen to the brass band that plays on the corner ever night. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. datdogfrenchmen.jpg

Third: Sit yourself down at The Funky Pirate and listen to some blues. I am not a crazy Bourbon Street person, but this place is always a must for me. It’s so chill, and the house band is so good, and there’s a little back patio if you need a breather, and the drinks are poured heavy and priced low. The seating is kind of cafeteria style- big long tables for you to sit with your group or make new friends. I just love it here.
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Fourth: If you’re feeling adventurous, and in need of a break from the day drinking, hop on a swamp boat tour: THIS swamp boat tour. There are a lot of options, but I had an amazing experience with this company. They picked us up at our hotel, drove us in a van to the swamp (about 45 minutes from the Garden District), we took a wonderfully narrated and interesting tour, then they dropped us back off on the front steps. This is another one where the tour guide was amazing and totally made the whole experience fantastic. This is hands down the best thing I’ve done on any of my NOLA trips

honey island swamp tour dr wagners

Fifth: Get tickets to see the house band… specifically the house band… at Preservation Hall! Preservation Hall has no electricity, no bathrooms, no bar… just church pews in an old shutter covered building. And it is a magical musical experience you must have. (Don’t worry, you can scoot across the street to Pat O’Brien’s for a delicious hurricane and  a pit stop at any time!). You’ll get your blues fix with The Funky Pirate, but you’ll get your jazz fix here. You’re welcome.4812583266_5659f5030c_z.jpg

There’s so much else I could rattle off to do! It really is such an awesome, fun place and I highly recommend it. Have you been? What was your favorite part?


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  1. Stephanie,
    New Orleans is a fun busy place with something for everyone, We attended our nephews wedding in an enchanting courtyard. Candles lined the entry into a space filled by a huge tree lighted by a beautiful chandelier hanging from a sturdy branch for the couple to declare their love.
    Breath taking is how I describe NOLA,
    Karen Marie

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