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About Me

My name’s Stephanie and I’m a  second time homeowner in New England, living the dream in a flipped cape style home… while my husband Matt and our 5 rescue pets(Dutch & Ichabod the Dogs, & Luigi, Zsa Zsa, and Henry the cats) roll their eyes at my insanity.  I am generally working on every room of the house at the exact same time.

Just about every project on this page is from my first home, which I slow flipped myself over 5 years and then resold. Pictures, projects, and stories from our second home (which we moved in to in August 2016) will be slowly added from here on out!

When I’m not DIY-ing or blogging I’m working my regular day job(s). You can read 15 fun facts about me here if you’re interested. 🙂

personal collage


Contact me via email (sandpaperandglue@gmail.com) or shoot me message on Facebook  or Twitter ! I’d love to hear from you!


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