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Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my page- please browse around and say hello or offer some input.

Our Split Level Ranch

I bought Little Green House (LGH) sort of impulsively, on a short sale, without my husband ever even seeing it and after we decided there was nothing in our price range and we were going to continue to rent for a while. Oopsie. 

To say this house was a disaster is an understatement- plaid wallpaper everywhere, animal waste caked onto the floors, filth hand marks up the stairway, cheap turf in the yard. I thought Matt was going to kill me. I didn’t allow our parents to see it for a week so we could spend time de-wallpapering and scrubbing. But I had a vision for this home, and Sandpaper & Glue is all about making that vision happen a million projects at a time.

lgh-collage1Check out the House and Project Tour to see how these rooms look now!

About Me

My name’s Stephanie and I’m a first time homeowner in New England DIY-ing my way through LGH… while my husband Matt and our 5 roommates (Dutch & Ichabod the Dogs, & Luigi, Zsa Zsa, and Henry the cats) roll their eyes at my insanity.  I am generally working on every room of the house at the exact same time.

When I’m not DIY-ing or blogging I’m working my regular day job(s). You can read 15 fun facts about me here if you’re interested.🙂

personal collage


Contact me via email (sandpaperandglue@gmail.com) or shoot me message on Facebook  or Twitter ! I’d love to hear from you!

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