Thrift Score Thursday

Today I’m participating in #thriftscorethursday, which is a weekly sharefest hosted by Brynne from The Gathered Home and Trisha from Black and White Obsession highlighting awesome deals scored throughout the internets…

thrift score thursday8

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The #thiftscorethursday hashtag was a real gold mine this week. Here’s my favorites:

jennbrasher instagramOh. My. Goodness. I love Leo the Lion, I need one in my life. Heart her Jenn’s photo or follow her HERE.

shannonlat insta photoI can’t believe Shannon got this lamp at Goodwill! It’s such a popular style right now and the gold finish is just excellent. Heart her photo or follow her HERE.

This week I’m sharing a secret hoard I’ve been building for a while….

retro camera retro camera


 These cameras have come from both my relatives and Matt’s and span a HUGE timeline of ages. I actually have about 9 of them. Someday I hope to display them a lot better but for now they work really well on Matt’s office shelves.


Still looking for more thrifted amazingness? Check out Brynne and Trisha’s picks for the week:

Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color

Thrift Score Thursday Trisha color


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This post is an entry into an contest from Vintage Revivals….help me win by voting once a day every day until September 14th! To vote just visit here, scroll down down down to the entries, and click the little star by #36!!

My bedroom is… ordinary. And isn’t that just the worst thing ever? I actually I identified this room as the one I want to work on in your Fearlessly Finding Awesome Challenge (ps- what happened to those, missy?) but then I got stuck. Then months later I spray painted my dresser blue in hopes of getting on the ball, and while the room’s not awful it’s just not me. Allow me to show you what I’m talking about:

The first thing you see when you walk in is our lack of closet doors, and the little gate I have in front of it to stop the dog from stealing all my shoes. It’s hideous and I hate it and it does not at all encourage me to keep my closet neat.

Ok, I see lots of things when I walk in besides the gate. Like our gross brown curtains (from Big Lots about 5 years ago), our plain beige walls (beige walls AND white ceiling for epic blandness), the nothing-special-about-it lampThen we’ve got a paisley bedspread, which is fine, I guess, but what you can’t tell from this picture is that all four corners have each been resewed at least twice because I thought a new comforter and a teething puppy would get along. I was so so wrong, and now I so so need a new comforter.

In the corner we’ve got a chair that pairs with another one I have downstairs, I thought maybe mixing fabrics would be kind of interesting and it does look nice… but nice isn’t what I’m going for. I’m going for BAZAM. At least the blue dresser makes a statement:

See! I can spray paint! Look what a helper I can be. 🙂  It’s actually a dark navy in person, but it’s not sealed because I couldn’t find a poly that would work. Also, I don’t know how to look for poly. And also, I store my purses under a chair because I have no other space in the room. You hoard chairs, I hoard shoes- and I bet my itsy bitsy shoes take up just as much room as all your chairs SO that leaves no space in the closet for purses.

Then at the foot of our bed is our lazy bookshelf and tv stand. And that’s it.

Don’t judge me for having an entire shelf dedicated to Nic Cage movies, I’m a little strange.

The bookcase really doesn’t need to be in this room, and is totally off center with the bed but I had nothing else and just a plain bare wall so there it sits. Gathering dust. Because with internet and Netflix I really don’t read all that much.

And one more time, just for kicks, the view that is the bane of my existence:

I absolutely can’t stand the sad state of affairs our closet is in. I hate the the wall you walk in against is bare. I hate that there’s nothing stenciled in this entire room (and I KNOW you’re just dying to get your stencil on).

Overall the room is average, but when you’ve got zebra striped chairs in your living room and a metallic accent table in your entryway and hand made art in your kitchen this just feels so off kilter and sad. I focused so much on the rooms that everyone else gets to see that I lost track of the room I see the most. PLEASE HELP.

Also, I live in Masschusetts, where Halloween was cancelled due to snow last year, so get here ASAP with that Krylon! AND as of a few weeks ago my man Matt and I are newly engaged so we REALLY need a slammin’ new master bedroom to call our very own, dontcha think?

And if you’re worried we might not be style BFF’s, check out some of my projects:

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek! See more on me in the about me section if you’d like. 🙂

A NEW LOOK &FFA Challenge #3

WELL first things first, I’ve got a new look going on here! What do you think? I designed the header and background myself. 🙂

And now for the goods:

As Mandi of Vintage Revivals, the mind behind the Fearlessly Finding Awesome challenge writes:

Fearlessly Finding Awesome is a club all about discovering your personal décor style not following everyone else’s.  These posts are challenges that you can take to create magic in your home. 

I love it! And I’m so on board! I’ve given FFA Challenges their own category, so if you want to look back at the first two just click the FFA link at the bottom of this post to catch up!

Challenge #3 is to pick a room I want to focus on, then build a plan and GO FOR IT. I have decided to work on the Master Bedroom, which based on the amount of complaints I have posted in regards my living room may be a surprise. However, this is the room I spend the most time in, so it really should be awesome. Right now my bedroom is perfectly ok- but “ok” just isn’t for me. My bedroom is collected, safe, and calming. There’s no zing! There’s no pizazz! I tried a daring comforter, but I panicked and I couldn’t make it work so I returned it. That was the right decision, because I absolutely love my new comforter set, but now I need to add some more uniqueness to the space.

Here’s what I’m loving right now:

This is the view from the side of the room where you enter. Cute comforter, cute shelves, cute chair. The dog crate really could go because we never use it, and the metal art may need some sprucing up. The blue patch on the bureau is a swatch for the color I want to paint it.

This is the view from the dog crate facing in. As you can see, we have half a closet door, and the door that we do have is mirrored. It’s all very bad, and hopefully the Habitat Restore will have some options for us.

The plus side:

  • I love having a chair in my bedroom! It matches the chair in the sunroom just in case we ever want to move furniture around, but it fits great in the space and comes in very handy for shoe tying and purse piling.
  • As I said before, I love my comforter. I’m a sucker for paisley’s
  • I also really like the art in the room, so let’s take a look at that a little more closely too:

We picked this piece up at Rock ‘n Shock (a horror movie convention) a few years ago. It’s gold ink on brown card stock. We both absolutely love it- it’s pretty if you look at it quickly and totally weird if you linger a minute. There’s a bear, a skull, snakes, a bird– very cool.

The tv stand is directly in front of the bed. On the top shelf is an ink owl drawing on top of what I think may be a page from a German textbook. The painted bottles on the bottom shelf were done by me!

So what’s left to be done? Well!!

  • The bureau needs to be painted, and the hinges need to be spray painted. I want it to be the same deep blue I have in the office to help tie in the spaces but also because I think it’ll turn something dull into more of a centerpiece.
  • I think I may want to paint the inside of the tv stand- and I think this may be a great place to try my hand at stenciling.
  • The brown curtains really need to be replaced with navy blue curtains
  • And last, but most obvious, I need closet doors for crying out loud!

via Flickr

FFA Challenge #2

The second Vintage Revivals challenge has arrived, and I love this one! The blogger, Mandi found a style quiz on the Homegoods website that’s actually pretty fun and accurate.

Take the quiz here, then comment with your results on my post or Mandi’s!

Here’s what I got:

Yes, I’d have to say “glamorous eclectic” is a polite way to define my choices. 🙂 Now I just need to reel it in and make it all look on purpose.

FFA Challenge #1

You can read the instructions for the Fearlessly Finding Awesome challenge #1 here, but overall it is to reflect on the style and feel we want our home to have before we go out and start trying to create it.

I don’t know about you, but I  had my house all decorated in my head before I ever even started looking for a house: the living room would always  be gray, the kitchen could be nothing but yellow, the bedroom needed to be artsy and unique. I rented for four years before buying- which is four years of beige and white walls and not buying anything too nice because it might not fit when I move, and making due with what I have. WELL NO MORE! If I want every room in my house to be a different color, then so be it! Nobody has to like it but me (and I suppose Matt, but luckily he’s color blind).

We’ve got the house pretty much painted now and I’m working on the decorating. So far our color breakdown is as follows:

  • Kitchen = yellow!
  • Living room = gray!
  • Sunroom = sage!
  • Hallway/landing = white!
  • Guest room = smack you in the face orange!
  • Bedroom = eggshell with an orange hue!
  • Office = musky blue!
  • Bathroom = currently (poop) brown but soon to be the same as the bedroom
  • 1/2 Bathroom = currently navy and yellow but one day to be musky blue and white
  • Movie room = currently blood crimson but soon to be even muskier blue

So now I’m past the easy part, the “cheap” part. When I think about the feeling I want my house to have I know I want it to be somewhere you can come in, throw your coat down, and relax. It should be welcoming, inviting, friendly. But it should be a little weird and antique too- because I’m a little weird and antique. I don’t want tons of photographs on my walls, I want art. I don’t want plain rectangle frames, I want scroll work and embellishment. I don’t want you to walk in and think “oh this is nice,” I want you to walk in and think “oh, this is interesting!” But I want it to be sell-able in 7-10 years too!

This weekend I’ll post some updates on the living room, which is starting to show all of these things, albeit with the lack of chairs because goodness gracious are chairs expensive.

Stay tuned! Leave comments! What do you want your house to feel like?

And because I don’t want a post with no media at all, click here  for a 30 second video of my puppy doing a trick for bitter spray because apparently he has no taste buds.