Sidebar Redo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a really satisfying furniture flip and I am super excited about this piece. According to my Instagram feed, my friends pulled this off the side of the road for me 38 weeks ago and I justtttt redid it two weeks ago. Whoops? I swear I meant to do it like, 35 weeks ago.

dresser buffet sidbar DIY redo

This piece is solid, heavy, and definitely meant for a dining room. We decided to use it in my husbands office- the side drawers will hold clothes and the center ones will hold papers/job stuff (he’s a high school English teacher).

Honestly, I did not give this piece the love it deserves- it needed repair work and a good sanding and I didn’t do either. My thought process was that we could not carry it just the two of us so it needed to be done while in place in my husbands office, and I didn’t want to get sawdust everywhere. Also, this isn’t a family heirloom we’re talking about there, so I don’t feel guilty just painting it.

old wooden buffet - before - close up

I removed all the hardware and REALLY tried hard to restore them to bright shiny brass. It got to the point though where the brass was starting to wear from all my scrubbing (they’re just brass plated), so I had to call it off.

I gave the whole piece one coat of gray based Zinsser primer and one coat of Behr Wheat Bread paint in eggshell, then just a touch up second coat. Once that was dried, it got 2 coats of polycrylic (and an additional 2 coats just on the top, to help with durability).

Here it is styled up in my husband’s office now:

gray and gold buffet turned dresser - furniture flip

Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s such a beast, and it fills the space perfectly. I love it! It’s hard to get a great picture of it because it’s so long, and the room is not that big- but it fits perfectly with the deep blue wall color and new rug.

painted furniture - grey and gold - dresser redo

As a reminder, here’s what the other side of the room looks like:

It’s not exactly gorgeous, and there’s a lot of decluttering that needs to happen- but it’s getting there!

What do you think??


Tree Log Furniture Round-Up

A few months back I turned some old logs from my in-laws backyard into end tables for around the house, and I’ve been loving them (here’s) the full post with a how-to.

tree stump end tables

Today I’m collaborating with Hometalk to show off 19 Tree Stump/Log Furniture Ideas.


Everything from tables, to planters, to benches, to seats! Check out the full round up and so much how-to inspiration here!

Top Posts of 2014

Last week I shared what some of my favorite projects are (here), but surprisingly enough those were not your favorite posts of the year. To finish things off for 2014 I thought I’d re-share this years hits, as well as join up with a few friends who are also sharing their hits, to end the year with an overload of inspiration!

top posts of 2014

Apparently, my top 3 posts of the year weren’t even from this year!!

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new homeowner tips, 31 days, neutral home colors

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glazed metallic silver furniture DIY

3. How to Draw on your Walls with Marker

sharpie wall

As for 2014, here’s my top 3 from within this year:

1. Tree Stump End Tables

tree stump end tables

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DIY closet office


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