Getting Organized, Of Course

Everyone in the whole world wants to organize their lives come January, amirite? I’m right. And I’m no different.

Because my schedule is a bit insane the first two weeks of January (I work 8am-7:30pm Monday-Friday during this time), I don’t get to do the giant purge my heart desires. Rather, I wake up an extra 15 minutes early (ughh 5:45am) so I can tinker for a few minutes before work. It sets my mind at ease, and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something for ME outside of work.

This means I put away and throw out all the crap I accumulated throughout the holidays (and…ahem..for the past 6 months or so). This morning before work I took 15 minutes and:

  • Put away a canvas tote that’s been next to my microwave since the summer
  • Sorted a cardboard box full of craft supplies that’s been on my guest room floor since about August
  • Put my pile of “things to donate” in an actual bag so it doesn’t get covered with the hair of 5 pets
  • Actually emptied the recycle bin and put away the dishes in the strainer

Whew! That feels like a lot, and doing a few things like that every day really adds up. I got myself some storage bins and gathered together some of my jar hoard and have been corralling/reorganizing things as well.

Our bar got a little cluttered over the holidays and I pared that down a lot as well. Decanting has been helpful- clear glass storage instead of ugly labeled bottles is easier on the eyes. My tequila and whiskey are in a super cute bottles (thanks, SWEESE™!) and it just makes me so much happier to look at these does it does to stare at old torn, ugly labels. Get your own here.

sweese clear glass bottles

On top of the fridge I have acute canvas bin (from Marshalls) to hold all the dog toys/puzzles we leave out while we’re at work. And on top of the cabinet in the entry I have a frosted plastic bin to hold towels, winter shoes, and gloves that we use entering and leaving the house.

storage bin options- cloth and plastic

Up in the guest room I keep all our important paperwork on my desk. I have one pendaflex for bills/tax info and one for pet medical records, corralled into a nice basket from Target.

Next up, I need to tackle the linen closet and my own bedroom closet!


Looking for some more organizational tips? I wrote a whole series on it a few years ago! Check out the landing page {here}.

organize organization help for home wedding life meal planning



Sweese sent me the glass bottle free of charge, but I am really using and loving them! As always, I only share products I support. 


Purging the Kitchen

January just seems to bring out the organization in everyone, and for me it’s no different. I’ve started the year by purging my kitchen– man, have I accumulated a lot of kitchen crap. My stuff, my mom’s old stuff, my Nonna’s old stuff, my great aunt’s old stuff. Stuff stuff stuff. There’s no need.

purge your kitchen, kitchen organization

In case you’re in the purging mood, here’s a solid list of nonsense you probably have in your kitchen too that you totally don’t need and should donate/trash/free yourself from:

1. Shot glasses. There are two grown adults in my house. There is no point in time where we will ever need to take shots with 45 of our closest friends, therefore we do not need to own 45 shot glasses.

I apologize to any of you that gifted us any of these shot glasses... but they've got to go.

I apologize to any of you that gifted us any of these shot glasses… but they’ve got to go.

2. Drinking glasses. There are white wine glasses, red wine glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, beer glasses, regular drinking glasses… the list goes on.. Goodbye to the 12 super huge drinking glasses my mom passed down to me 3 years ago and I’ve never touched!

I don't even have an even number of these.

I don’t even have an even number of these.

3. Chipped dishes. I have 5 separate dish sets: the green Ikea one that everyone has, the plastic ones to go with my plastic cups, the clear glass ones passed down from my great aunt, the fancy holiday ones also passed down from my great aunt, and the amber set I bought on auction because it was like $4. It’s safe to say that I can throw out the chipped ones and still have enough. And I’m going to bet you’re probably in the same boat.

This is what was left AFTER I threw out the chipped ones. I think we're going to be ok.

This is what was left AFTER I threw out the chipped ones. I think we’re going to be ok.

And switching gears a bit, let’s take a look at the baking cabinet.

  1.  Expired flavor packets. Perhaps 3 Thanskgivings ago I bought too many McCormick packets for brown gravy. And I don’t even like brown gravy. And apparently those packets expire. Trash!
  2. Expired spices. From that one time I bought cumin for that 1 recipe and I don’t even remember what that recipe was. Apparently spices have a shelf life too. Goodbye old spices!
  3. Balsamic Vinegar. I’m pretty sure you can’t keep the same bottle for 5 years after it’s been opened (can you tell we don’t use a lot of it??) Plus, we were gifted a new bottle for Christmas. Goodbye old vinegar!

And finally, the dreaded fridge.

  1. Scary Food Storage Container. Oh, old container, I don’t even know what’s in you. And I’m afraid to find out. So you’re just going right into the trash without ever being opened.
  2. Condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayo, dressing… all of which we almost exclusively use only in the summer. Goodbye stinky old condiments!
  3. Red Sauce. There’s 2 of us, we never finish a whole jar of sauce before it kicks the bucket, but I always hope we might, so I save it. (PS- in an effort to not be so wasteful on this front I’ve started buying the smaller cans of sauce and doctoring them up myself.)

Are you in the purging mood? What’s some junk you’ve been hanging on to for no reason? 🙂