Two posts in one night… wow, you know what that means… must be something good! Or, Matt’s working a closing shift and I’m home alone with the cats.

Anyway, I wanted to share this awesome piece of art I snagged for the living room:

How cute is this?! It says HOME…. in architecture! The artist is named Dawne and she’s a photographer of what she calls “architectural art.” Last year I had her make a piece that was my brother and sister-in-law’s last name, and now I’ve just picked this up for myself for $11 (frame included!). I dream of making a whole wall of framed art in the living room, all in black and white, and I think this will be the centerpiece. I can’t wait to pick it up this weekend!

Anyways, the reason I decided to post this tonight is that Christmas time is crazy busy for Dawne, and she’s got an order cutoff time of December 5th. So if you want to check out more of her work and perhaps order something snazzy for yourself or as a gift take a look at her Facebook business page  here. She’s got a couple photo albums showing her work and all order and contact info. When I got the piece from her last year we emailed back and forth at least three times because she made sure I approved every letter she used because she has multiple options for each letter, and she was awesomely patient and accommodating. (*I must add here that she did not ask me to endorse her, and unless she reads this blog she doesn’t even know I have*).

And while you’re perusing around Facebook, don’t forget to like Sandpaper and Glue!