Fall DIY Project & $200 GIVEAWAY

Today’s post is so very exciting for me. Coupons.com challenged me and several other bloggers to each create a fall project. They said fall, I chose to hear Halloween. If you’ve been around here since the beginning, you may recall that I love Halloween so much that some decorations stay out in my house all year long. So when I was given $100 to Home Depot to create a project I jumped on it. And then when they said they’d give one of you $200 to make your own project, I jumped up and down.

fall give away2

I came up with the following guidelines for my project:

  • It had to be an indoor decoration because here in Massachusetts Halloween is sometimes rescheduled due to nor’easters- if I put something outside it would probably be ruined by weather immediately
  • It had to be BIG. Go big or go home.

Then I decided I wanted something to fill one of my two bay windows so I added a few more stipulations:

  • It had to be 2 sided so we could enjoy it inside and people outdoors could enjoy it as well
  • Something glow in the dark would be freaking amazing.

Here’s what I came up with:

diy halloween

I apologize for the graininess of the picture- I had to take photos at night so you could see that I mussed up the acrylic, so they’re kind of dark but you can see all the detail on the project itself.

diy window display

BAM! I used a $7 plywood drawer insert cut in half to create the 2 BEWARE signs, a  4ft x 3ft acrylic sheet as the screen, and poster board and paint to create the tree. Then I decked it out with some spiderwebs (also from Home Depot) and a few things I had around the house.

halloween window display

In the interest of not making this post crazy super long, come back tomorrow for the how-to break down 🙂 The sign, the acrylic sheet, and the tree each have a super easy, anyone-can-do-it how to.


NOW HERE’S WHERE IT GETS GOOD. Coupons.com, myself, and all these lovely ladies want to give YOU $200 to either Home Depot or Amazon.com (it’s your choice!) to make your own project:

fall give away

Stephanie – Sandpaper & Glue
Gretchen – Boxy Colonial 
Because I have a terrible issue with coding, you can visit any one of those ladies’ websites today to see their project AND enter the giveaway (it’s free to enter and no email spam nonsense is going to happen! DO IT NOW!).
Also, so much thanks to Coupons.com –  a site that I actually do regularly use. Before I go grocery shopping I always, always, always check Coupons.com to make sure I’m saving as much money as possible. Just search for the products you’re buying, then click on the coupon. It’ll save up your clicks and print your coupons all at once when you’re done- super easy. I don’t just DIY because I enjoy it, I DIY because I must. And saving money in other aspects of my life is key too.