Things I Need To Get Off My Butt & Do Already

I feel like lately I’ve done SO FEW PROJECTS lately. If you’re still tuning in around here, I’m sure you feel that way too. I think summer just took hold and sucked all my crafty motivation right out. I can’t even use the old “I got married and was busy with the wedding” excuse because um, there were less then 30 people at my wedding. Sooooo that was a pretty easy thing to plan.

In case you’re wondering if I’m ever going to pick up a paintbrush again, the answer is YES. Actually, Monday I’ll be back with a huge super awesome blog collaboration project (and a giveaway!). But I’ve got lots of other things on my radar too.

To hold myself accountable, and to keep you in the loop, here’s everything I want to get done like, yesterday:

  • Finish the darn basement stairs already
  • Redo both the full bath and half bath
  • Get rid of the chalkboard wall in  our entranceway
  • Relocate the gallery wall in the living room to where the chalkboard wall is now
  • Buy some large scale art to replace the gallery wall (THIS is what I want)
  • Move the sunburst mirror to where the chalkboard wall is now too
  • DIY some large scale art to replace where the sunburst mirror is (THIS is my inspiration)
  • Create a built in office in our guest room closer


…. did summer grab hold of your motiviation too? Is anyone still out there reading about my abundance of nothingness? hello? Bueller?