The New Routine

Well….these days we are up to 2 dogs and 3 cats. One dog is only temporary- he was picked up by animal control and had an outdated microchip that led back to Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption, so he’s crashing here until we can find his owners (or get him a new home, since there’s no sign of them yet).

The zoo consists of:

  • Dutch: our one year old dog
  • Pippet: our temporary foster dog, who’s at least  a year but could be older then that
  • Zsa Zsa: my 5 year old cat
  • Luigi: my 4 year old cat
  • Henry: Matt’s 6 year old cat

Left to right: Zsa Zsa, Luigi, Henry


It’s a bit much, but we’re figuring it out and trying our best to keep our house clean and not smelling like a dirt pit. I thought I’d share how we handle it all, since we’ve fostered dogs short term before we’ve got kind of a groove for when it happens.

5:00am – Matt gets up to get ready for student teaching and he gets me up (begrudgingly). I immediately take the dogs out and sit outside with them for about 15-20 minutes so they can do their business and run off their energy. We’re very lucky that both dogs are pretty low energy and that they get along fine, we’re also very lucky to have a good sized fenced in yard.

until 6:00am – I clean as much as I can around the house while Matt gets ready for school and the animals do their thing. This morning that meant doing dishes, washing down surfaces (kitchen counter, kitchen table, end tables, coffee table, bar), and sweeping all of downstairs.

6:00am-until I leave for work – If we didn’t have 2 dogs, 6am would be my regular wake up time to get ready for work so I do my hair, make up, eat breakfast, iron my clothes, and make lunch. If the dogs start rough housing they go back in the yard where there’s more space for it, they also go in the yard while the cats eat breakfast because they’re scavengers. When it’s time for work Pippet goes in the crate (until we know that we can trust him in the house), Dutch gets sequestered to the first floor, and the cats generally stick to the office and the guest room to snooze the day away.

Late afternoon/early evening- When Matt gets home in between student teaching and his job he lets the dogs out to do their business and run off energy, we usually cross paths. Once he’s gone, if he’s working that night, I sit outside with the dogs for a bit longer  then in we go to do a load of laundry (if needed) and make dinner. If Matt’s not home for dinner I eat like crap, if he is we have a sit down meal. Dog dinner time is WONDERFULLY easy because they don’t try to steal from each other and they gobble it up in under 5 minutes.

Early evening/night- If Matt doesn’t have work that night we watch a movie, if he does I try to get a project or more cleaning done around the house or in the yard

9:30pm- We start settling in and getting cozy for bed, usually we watch a quick show on Netflix (right now it’s the latest episode of Supernatural). I fight to stay awake until at least 10:15.

Before bed- Let the dogs out one more time while we feed the cats again.

10:30- I’m out cold!

Pippet (which I think will stick until he finds a home)…. aka Brownie aka Nicolas Dog Cage aka Sir Michael The Great. I change his name frequently as a tactic to not get attached.


So there you go, a day in the Sandpaper & Glue house! Whew!