Wainscot for the half bath!

Thanks to Matt’s lovely family we had enough money in gift certificates to enter THE FINAL PHASE (please, read that epically) of the half bath redo! Woot woo!

When I last left you, our bathroom was looking like this:



The room used to have painted contact paper on the lower half and when Matt tried to remove it the wall came off as well. No bueno. We decided to leave it as is and cover it with wainscot, so two days ago I purchased two of these bad boys:

The whole kit & kaboodle all in one!


For some reason wainscot was crazy hard to find in person, so we ordered it online (free shipping at least) and it’ll be here in a few days. I contacted our handy dandy friend (who helped with our kitchen sink and built in shelving) and he’s agreed to come on board once again.

Here’s my best guess at what’s still to do:

  •  remove current baseboard
  • install wainscot
  • possibly paint wainscot (I think it may just be primed)
  • paint vanity and mirror
  • decorate

Hope fully it’ll be done in a few weeks!


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How to Spraypaint and Glaze Furniture !!!

We’ve been living in our house for almost a year now and I’ve done some pretty crafty projects, like my kitchen art and living room shutters (here and here), but nothing super crazy- nothing where I had no idea what I was doing- UNTIL NOW!

We shifted some living room furniture around to accommodate the fact that we actually have furniture now and in doing so I needed an accent piece for our entryway. I immediately knew that whatever we got I wanted it to be a DIY project, so I went looking around at the Salvation Army but I didn’t find anything. Then we went to the Restore (a store that sells Habitat for Humanity project remnants) and we struck gold:

night stand nightstand to endtable upcycle

Ignoring the super dark color (ahem and the blur), the height and width were perfect and I really liked the extra little molding detail on the top.

Before doing anything I thoroughly read the info and watched these videos on how to spray paint furniture and how to glaze furniture.

Here’s the supply list:

  • Spray paint primer and silver spray paint
  •  Furniture glaze and tint color (1 pint of each is enough for about 900 projects)
  • Foam brush, rag, and mixing container

Home Depot did not, and does not, sell furniture glaze- wtf – but a chain paint store will AND Sherwin Williams was awesome. They gave me 10% off for being a first time customer and another 20% off because there was a sale going on (even though I didn’t have the coupon).

rustoleum silver spray paint kilz primer sherwin williams glaze

Every blog I read swears by Kilz spray primer so I made sure to get that. I went with Rust-oleum spray paint because they had metallic silver (and have since decided they are my go-to, the spray nozzle works great and doesn’t clog). The glaze and paint were shockingly more expensive then I thought, but I’ve already used them on about a dozen projects so it was a solid investment.

did not sand down the piece before painting it because with glazing you want to have all the nooks and knicks you can get. I did however have to drill a new hole for bottom draw hardware because I couldn’t find anything that matched up with the drill holes that already existed:

I had the wood filler on hand from another project, and it didn’t matter what color it was because it was going to be painted anyway. Basically you just squeeze it in the holes you need filled, let it dry, then sand it smooth and drill your new hole wherever you need it.

AND THEN THE FUN BEGAN! I spread out a hugeeee tarp in my yard because over spray will happen, and I primed the whole thing:

spraypaint furniture spray paint how to

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE that can of primer because if not it’ll leave a very gritty texture on your furniture. Then spray light thin coats from left to right until it’s done, starting and ending off the furniture. The whole thing was primed AND dried in under 10 minutes. I love you, spray primer.

It took me a little over a one can of primer for the whole thing, but that is absolutely because I used too much. It should have taken less then one can. I know this because by the time I got to the second coat I had calmed down with the laying-it-on thick and had much better, smoother results:

silver and black funiture glazed

Ba-zam! Look at that shine! NOTE: Clearly metallic furniture isn’t for everyone. You can use any color one the furniture and any color for the glaze (black and brown are most common). So if you wanted an antique looking dresser, you could paint it a nice cream and glaze it with brown.

Again, slow, thin even coats from left to right. And again, under 10 minutes to dry! However, I suggest leaving it for an hour just to let it cure up a little before you get to the fun part: THE WONDERFUL GLAZE. The glaze itself is white (kind of like Elmer’s glue in color and consistency) and then I got the blackest black paint I could. Use three parts glaze to one part paint: for this piece I used one cup of glaze and 1/3 cup of paint and it was plenty for me to go over it twice.

I don’t have pictures of the glazing step because I was horrified to stop and take a picture and risk it drying, but basically you paint it on there thick with a foam brush taking care to work it into the nooks and edges then you wipe it off with a wrung out damp rag and wipe again with a dry rag. Pay particular attention to leave some around edges, grooves, and dents. Remember you can always do more layers if you want to be conservative the first time around (I did).

After the glazing was done it was time for new hardware:

metallic furniture update upcycled silver painted

I bought the hardware at Home Depot. Because this was such an old piece of furniture the wood was really thick and I had to use the screws from the previous knobs because the new ones were too short- always save your old hardware, people! Also, note how I let the glaze settle in edges and cracks.

And now, VOILA!

I love this thing. The pictures don’t do it justice- it really looks distressed and beat up (in a good way!) and I’m super proud of it. My spray paint and glazing days aren’t over.

Before it looked like this in its’ little home:

Totally doesn’t match, but works shape-wise. And oh, what a sad looking living room.

Now it looks like this:

silver spraypainted and glazed furniture

metallic glazed furniture

Overall thoughts:

  • I would only spray prime projects  if I was in a hurry or if it was a bigger piece, like this one or larger, because spray primer add$ up fast.
  • I will absolutely, on the other hand, continue to do the top coat in spray paint because it gives you a much more even, professional look.
  • Glazing is so super easy! Don’t be afraid of it!

diy metallic spraypaint and glazed furniture

So what do you think? Thoughts or suggestions? Have you ever glazed furniture before?!


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You light up my life

So did you guess what we’re doing this weekend? Our kitchen will never looks as gorgeous as those, but our kitchen lighting sure will! We are getting rid of our ugly, dim, 1962 kitchen lights and moving on up to the world of recessed lighting! Can I get a woot woo?! It’s sad the things that excite me these days….

Please excuse the poor angle here- but I fit all 3 lights into one picture!


Admittedly, our lighting could be much worse looking. However, what really does me in is the flickering and sizzling that happens when we turn them on. Those babies are working hard to light up our kitchen, and they are not doing that great a job. The glow is mustardy, the metal trim is hideous, and the space they cover is just not sufficient for my sunny, cheerful room. The walls are yellow enough, I don’t need to add a yellow glow to it all too!





At a closer look, you can also see the very obvious flaw in this lighting…. it is hanging off the ceiling. This over the sink light is permanently broken and dangling, just waiting to smash down on some poor unsuspecting victim. Say goodbye, you death trap– come Saturday night it’ll be long gone!




Matt and I are so fortunate to know a sibling-of-a-friend that is an electrician apprentice willing to install recessed lighting for us at a discounted fee. Yesterday Matt & I ventured to Home Depot to get all the materials and Saturday morning he’ll be here to add in the new lights and seal up the old ones. All this for under $700! If we had hired a licensed electrician, and not gone to get the parts ourselves, this job would cost around $1500.

We will be installing ten 5-inch recessed lights throughout the kitchen. The above are the “remodel lights” (which are different from “new home lights”) and the “baffles,” which are the light trims you will see in the ceiling. Home Depot lets you buy lights buy the box and individually so we were able to buy a box of six and then add four more to the order.

Nine of the ten lights will work on a main switch and the one over the sink will be a stand alone. I’ve gone back and forth as to whether or not I want them on a dimmer, but the whole point of doing this is because I hate how dim things are now so I’m opting out of it. Plus, the over the sink light will provide a little illumination if we need to leave something on at night.

In addition to the lights and trim above we also bought the following:

  • 14-2 Romex wire to wire the recessed lights
  • 12 pack of 65 watt BR30 bulbs (which is 2 extra, but we’ll need them eventually)
  • Wire nuts… which I assume have something to with the new wiring
  • Four 1/2 inch thick 2×2 sheets of drywall because a full sheet of drywall wouldn’t fit in my car and Home Depot refused to cut it in half for me (buying precut slabs added about $12 extra to our total)
  • A bundle of 3/4 inch thick strapping, which does something alongside the drywall. We only need about 3 of those sticks, but Home Depot didn’t have a scrap bin and didn’t have any small packs (this added about $10 extra to our total)
  • Some sort of net tape for the drywall

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out

Touches & Accents

Yesterday my parents came up for the day to help me work on the house, and that means it was all business all day- they get things done. Dad spent about five hours painting all of the trim on the first floor, and it looks so bright and white now! What I like about it is that every room is a different color, but every room has white trim so it’s the first floor is really starting to look more united.

From 11:30-5:00 he painted 5 window sills, 3 doorways, 2 radiators, and all the floor molding. And, because it was such a nice day, it was all dry by the time my mom and I got home from our massive adventure… curtain shopping! We hit up all of the following on a hunt for bargains: K-Mart, Big Lots, Walmart (twice), Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Sears, and JC Penny. Mom is serious about deals, and because she and dad were so gracious as to foot the bill (because, in her words, she doesn’ want “The Grabber” to see in the windows) I trucked along.

Our main goal was to find thermal curtains to hang above the sliding doors in the sunroom. It’ll be cold out soon… I think, it’s about 80 degrees today… and there’d be a lot of heat loss through these doors if we didn’t cover them up. Originally, I wanted something I could push all to one side so the door could be easily opened and shut in the summer. However, the curtains are heavy so we ended up needing to put a middle brace on the wall. Here’s the curtains in all their daytime glory:

I ended up settling on a set of beige-y/burlap-y curtains we found at JC Penny, Sonoma by Cindy Crawford. They’ve got a subtle gold hue to them and they’re not just a solid color, they’re textured. I want all of the window dressings in the sunroom and kitchen to match since the rooms open up to each other, but matching all the dressing and the door curtains is impossible so I figured a neutral color would be best and the rest can match. The curtains also came in a nice sage green, but I didn’t want to match the sunroom walls to closely because, again, the goal is to bring two rooms together.

Here’s the curtain closed, sort of. The cats refused to move from their chipmunk watching positions so it’s bubbled over their fat little bodies… but you get the idea. They work great! The curtains have grommets, which is a word I just learned the definition of yesterday. It means they have big silver holes for sliding over the curtain rods, so they open and close more easily.

At the end of the day, we bought curtain rods for the sunroom and living room (Walmart), blinds for the whole first floor (Home Depot), thermal sliding door curtains (JC Penny), and living room curtains (ordered at Bed Bath & Beyond). Great success!

Look at how lovely our sunroom is coming together! Imagine the two camp chairs are a futon or love seat, the cat scratcher is a buffet or bar, and we’ve found lovely green and yellow valances for the bay window and regular window. I’m lovin’ it.


Now I’m off to finally get going on this whole living room shutter project- and just wait till you see how the living room is shaping up! I’ll save that for tomorrow…

Home again!

We are finally back from our very extended vacation in New Mexico! We had planned on staying just until Sunday but due to hurricane Irene we were unable to get a flight out until yesterday. It was so nice to have extra time to see the sights and visit more with family, and to be forced to take some real time off– all in all it was a 10 day vacation, and I haven’t had more then a 3 or 4 day vacation since 2005. As promised, here’s a look at our lizard candle holder and tiles-that-will-soon-be-coasters (the lamp was already ours):











The candle holder is greenish-yellow so it’ll go in our sage green sunroom, which is next to our (soon to be) light yellow kitchen. It should work really well. The tiles I just fell in love with. If I were to become a hoarder, tiles would probably be my biggest collection. I love them. I must learn how to tile so one day I can create an amazing backsplash behind my stove.


We got in late last night, and realized on our drive back that it would be the PERFECT time to recaulk and seal the back wall of bathtub. Who needs sleep anyway? The bathtub had the 10 days we were gone to completely dry out, so evenwe though we were exhausted it was in opportune conditions. The back bathtub wall was just about completely separated from the actual bathroom wall, which we learned about during the inspection, and to prevent moisture and mold from getting back there we had to caulk it back on and then seal it up. This sounds much easier then it actually is. We quickly realized the previous owner had already tried and failed at this once (she had clearly tried to take shortcuts with it) so we had to scrape off her attempt, recaulk, then seal. Then came the problem- the wall needed pressure on it while it dried and we certainly didn’t feel like standing there all night after traveling for 12 hours… we probably wouldn’t have felt like it even if we hadn’t been traveling all day. So, after some fighting and some swearing and lots of sweating we realize that our unassembled bed would work like a charm. We propped up two of the beams and sturdied them with crates full of DVD’s so they wouldn’t budge. Voila! The whole project took about an hour and a half and this is what it looked like when it was all propped up and drying:












Once the bathroom adventures were completed we got ourselves a full night of sleep snuggled up with our cats (all of which I was missing like crazy… crazy like a crazy cat lady) and started right back up in the morning. My parents had given us a Home Depot gift certificate as part of our housewarming gift so we put it to use and got a new kitchen sink to replace our broken one and to end my days of doing dishes in the half bathroom. We have a friend who will be able to install it for us hopefully with in the next week. Look how shiny:

It cost a pretty penny, but the sink, faucet, rack, and drain are all in one and its 20 gauge stainless steel. It should look really nice next to our stainless steel oven, and I love that the faucet and sprayer are one in the same so we have an extra little nook to pile our dishes.

Once we got home with the sink we taped off the living room and kitchen and got the first coat of paint up in the living room. It’s a color called “white truffle,” which is painfully close to white and was very difficult to paint over the primer. We had to keep turning on and off the lights to check and make sure we hadn’t missed a spot. So far so good though, and I think if we can get the second coat up tomorrow and get 2 coats on the kitchen the downstairs will be ready for decorating!





Yesterday afternoon I took a little ride to Home Depot to get paint for this weekend’s extravaganza. I have to say, I find Home Depot incredibly intimidating and I hate going there but the sales person in the paint department was very nice and friendly and all in all I think I got what I need. I ended up with a grand total of $250 of paint: 5 gallons of primer (should be enough for the whole house), 4 gallons of ceiling paint (also should be enough for the rooms that need it), and 4 gallons of color for the rooms we’re painting. Of course when I got home I realized I totally forgot to get white paint for the trims, but we’ll just prime those and finish them later.

Over the weekend and early into the weekend I hope to get the sunroom, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom all painted. The sunroom will be a deep sage green (the darkest on the swatch), the kitchen a light sunny yellow (the darkest on the swatch), the living room a grayish white (the lightest on the swatch) with a yellow accent wall, and the bedroom a cream (the middle on the swatch). I have been imagining the colors of these rooms since before I even starting looking for a house, so it was pretty easy to go in and just grab the swatch I wanted. It also helps that Matt is color blind, so he’s pretty impartial to whatever colors I choose. I called in reinforcements on what kind of paint to buy, because that’s what Dads are for, so we got Behr Premium Plus wall paint and Glidden ceiling paint.




I decided to buy the primer and ceiling paint in bulk to save on costs, and because we’ll use it all over the next month or two anyone and it’ll mean less trips to scary H.D. Also, I’m sure these huge buckets will come in handy for something…. maybe to throw weeds in when I garden? To spray paint and use as flower buckets? To store old rags in the shed? Who knows, but I’m a hoarder so I’ll keep them just in case. Plus, it looks like Luigi has some plans of his own for them.




Today’s agenda includes the super awesome delivery of our brand new sectional and a rearranging of boxes and furniture to prepare for painting. We’re going to take it easy today because this weekend will be crazy with all the family coming up to help and trying to get so much done.