Bathroom Progress

Let me start by saying that I seriously hate my bathroom. If had had a few thousand dollars laying around I wold smash the room down to its’ studs and start from scratch in there, but I don’t clearly, so I’m slowly making due with what I have.

The bathroom is, in a word, dank. It’s got cracked tiles, uneven tiles, permanently stained grout, and terrible lighting. When we first moved in we washed the floor with regular floor wash (ok, it was Fabuloso from the dollar tree) and I 409’d all the surfaces. It just never looked clean, so over the past 2 weeks I have bleached the wall and floor tiles, whichworked wonders. My grout is apparently a light beige and not the tan-ish brown we’ve been living with since August. I also used a bleach and Comet mixture on the sink, toilet, and tub and got off more stains then I even knew were there.

So after the intense scrub down, this is what I had to work with:

This is a hard room to photograph because of the size, but you can see in this before picture that the walls were a very dark brown- not an awful color, but just no good for the space. You can also see here that the sink setup is missing the main cabinet door, so I’ve just got a curtain on a tense rod there. :le sigh:

In the above picture you can see that the previous owners put tiles on top of tiles- some spots have 3 layers- and it wouldn’t be awful if it was done evenly and neatly but of course it wasn’t. There’s also that heavy shade, which is very nice quality and in good shape but that’s as “open” as it gets so half of the light from the window is immediately blocked out.

I decided to work with what we had lying around and painted it the same color as our bedroom, because I still had plenty of primer and paint left and this meant not spending any money:

The color IMMEDIATELY brightened up the room, it’s a huge difference and I’m very happy with it.

Still to do in this room:

  • Add frosted contact paper to the window so the neighbors can’t watch us pee
  • Either paint the silver mirror white, or buy a new white mirror
  • Replace the shower curtain and floor mats with a white curtain and mats (I really like the curtain we have now, but it’s seen better days)
  • Bleach and repaint the ceiling (it’s got scum and mold on it, blech)
  • Possibly buy a white medicine cabinet to hang over the toilet
  • Eventually replace the overheard fan and two light fixtures

When I was priming the room, I noticed that my tub-o-primer had a picture on it of tiles being painted. Can you paint tiles?! And if so, how does it hold up over time and what does it look like? If I could paint these tiles my whole life would change. Ok, maybe not my whole life, but a significant part of it. Imagine if all the beige was hospital white! Or soft teal! It’s the kind of thing every 26 year old girl dreams about… or, at least this one does. So I need to do some research on this, but feel free to chip in if you have any insight or experience!