Getting Organized, Of Course

Everyone in the whole world wants to organize their lives come January, amirite? I’m right. And I’m no different.

Because my schedule is a bit insane the first two weeks of January (I work 8am-7:30pm Monday-Friday during this time), I don’t get to do the giant purge my heart desires. Rather, I wake up an extra 15 minutes early (ughh 5:45am) so I can tinker for a few minutes before work. It sets my mind at ease, and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something for ME outside of work.

This means I put away and throw out all the crap I accumulated throughout the holidays (and…ahem..for the past 6 months or so). This morning before work I took 15 minutes and:

  • Put away a canvas tote that’s been next to my microwave since the summer
  • Sorted a cardboard box full of craft supplies that’s been on my guest room floor since about August
  • Put my pile of “things to donate” in an actual bag so it doesn’t get covered with the hair of 5 pets
  • Actually emptied the recycle bin and put away the dishes in the strainer

Whew! That feels like a lot, and doing a few things like that every day really adds up. I got myself some storage bins and gathered together some of my jar hoard and have been corralling/reorganizing things as well.

Our bar got a little cluttered over the holidays and I pared that down a lot as well. Decanting has been helpful- clear glass storage instead of ugly labeled bottles is easier on the eyes. My tequila and whiskey are in a super cute bottles (thanks, SWEESE™!) and it just makes me so much happier to look at these does it does to stare at old torn, ugly labels. Get your own here.

sweese clear glass bottles

On top of the fridge I have acute canvas bin (from Marshalls) to hold all the dog toys/puzzles we leave out while we’re at work. And on top of the cabinet in the entry I have a frosted plastic bin to hold towels, winter shoes, and gloves that we use entering and leaving the house.

storage bin options- cloth and plastic

Up in the guest room I keep all our important paperwork on my desk. I have one pendaflex for bills/tax info and one for pet medical records, corralled into a nice basket from Target.

Next up, I need to tackle the linen closet and my own bedroom closet!


Looking for some more organizational tips? I wrote a whole series on it a few years ago! Check out the landing page {here}.

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Sweese sent me the glass bottle free of charge, but I am really using and loving them! As always, I only share products I support. 


Finishing more 95%ers.

Earlier in December I declared this would be the month I wrap up as many loose ends around the house as possible. I organized my Project Central page here on the blog,  organized my pot and pan lid covers, found a use for my extra Ikea sheepskin rug, and replaced a dingy curtain with a handmade one I had accidentally left sitting in a closet for about a year.

A few other tiny annoyances are gone now as well:

  • I moved all the mugs in my kitchen to one spot, because for some weird reason I was storing them in two separate places
  • I am no longer keeping my napkins on top of the fridge in the package they came in, but rather a cute little wire basket on top of the microwave
  • I fixed a little owl trinket I got at a craft fair a few years ago

I also resewed a pillow a certain puppy got a hold of back when he was teething:



and after a little sewing…IMG_1883









And we are officially testing out using salsa jars as light fixtures. A few weeks ago I posted that we had decided to test out using a  peanut butter jar as a light fixture, we’ve since switched it to salsa (it’s a little smaller) and replaced both fixtures and it’s kind of growing on me:

yes, I do have a plate of glittery Christmas trees on the sink. Because that's the only place the cats can't get them.

yes, I do have a plate of glittery Christmas trees on the sink. Because that’s the only place the cats can’t get them.





So what have you been getting done around the house? Are you ready for the holidays?!

Day 16 of organizing: Pinterest!

Oh Pinterest, I love you. However, it can be such an  OVERWHELMING site. You can pin and pin and pin and pin and never do anything about it.

To counteract that, I’ve done a few things:

  • Project Central: a board for all the projects I’ve made. I delete the pin where ever else I had it saved, and pin my own project here.
  • Recipes I’ve Done: Sometimes I actually cook or bake something I’ve pinned, so I hold myself accountable to actually take some action. I then delete the pin whereever else I had it saved and pin my own version on this board.
  • Don’t have too many boards: I have thirty four, which seems like a lot but it’s divided up between holidays, recipes, and life (plus a bunch of group boards with other bloggers). It works for me.
  • Don’t pin anything that doesn’t have an original website: what good is it to pin a cute craft that links to a flickr page? you’ll never know how to actually complete the project!

So there you go, that’s how I keep my Pinterest board organized.

Day 15 of organizing: High 5 for Friday

Most weeks I link up with From My Grey Desk for a high 5 for Friday post, it forces you to think of 5 good things per week and I find that awesome and necessary. So I guess I’m organizing my “highs.”

1. Our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party was this Sunday and it was fantastic! Each year on Matt’s birthday weekend we have friends over to pick out and carve a pumpkin, we have delicious treats, and we move one of our tv’s into the sunroom to play movies in the background (Hocus Pocus is my favorite!)

Matt’s Jack O Lantern & my brother’s Batman!!

2. Jack Burrito came up for the party! It was the first time he’d been to my house (you know, in the whole 6 weeks he’s been on this planet) and we had a lovely time together.

3. I was introduced to a video of Vin Diesel break dancing from the days of yester year (he’s on the right) and it totally made my Thursday morning better:

4. Urban Outfitters is running a line of limited edition Lisa Frank supplies. I NEED THAT DOG. Also, it means that this video exists (watch it for the dancing bear, if nothing else).

and that’s not even all of it.

5. Is it ok for free chairs from the side of the road to make my list? Because they totally have.


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Day 14 of organizing: The Guest Room Closet is complete!

Finally, I have the guest room closet actually organized. Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean it actually looks nice in there. HGTV would not be pleased with my version of complete. But it does mean:

  • Everything that doesn’t belong in there has been removed (mostly paint supplies)
  • I can actually tell you what is in there
  • I can access everything in there easily and readily
  • I have thrown out all I’m allowed to throw out (which somehow did not include Matt’s collection of GI Joe VHS tapes).

The main things in there now are:

  • Photo albums
  • Air mattress, air mattress pump, extra husband pillow, and a body pillow
  • Frames
  • Curtains
  • VHS tapes and burned DVD’s, VCR (Matt swears it still works)
  • Hamper
  • Basil that is hanging out until it dries out

Hooray! Not the most revolutionary of blog posts, but one that actually very directly relates to our topic of the month.


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Day 9 of organizing: Upcoming Projects!

Tomorrow is Matt’s birthday, which means this weekend we’re having people over this weekend (including my sweet little nephew Jack-o-lantern!). And nothing kicks me into house project overdrive like having people over.

Let’s organize what I’ve got going on all at the exact same time:

  • I bought a new (cheap, busted) chair for the sun room yesterday so I could move the sun room chair into the office. This caused me to completely rearrange the office and also to have a new chair to redo.
  • In rearranging the office, I made room for two display shelves I bought at a consignment store a year ago, both of which need to be painted and hung.
  • Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to get rid of the shutters in my living room (seen here) and replace them with new art, which is half made in my basement. The shutters are going to one of my future mother-in-laws because she loves them.
  • And while I’ve got 3 other things to spray paint, I might was well also spray paint some frames and outlet covers that have been on my kitchen checklist for a while.

In a dream world, I’ll have this all done by Saturday. Here’s how it’ll go down if things actually go according to plan (ha!)

  • Today: sand down new chair and prep new art so it’s ready for paint
  • Tomorrow: purchase spray paint and polycrylic, prime everything and hopefully paint it to
  • Saturday: finish wall art  and hang it, hang shelves, bake  delicious treats for Sunday
  • Sunday: host our awesome annual pumpkin carving party!

Here’s what is absolutely not happening:

  • Final touches on the chair
  • Reupholstering the chair seat
  • Polycrylic the chair (and while I’m at it, the barstools and footkick could use a coat too)

Here’s a sneak preview:

I have got PLANS for this granny looking chair. Look at those awesome lines!

I’ve got something like this in mind for the chair, but I need to wait until I pick out a fabric before I really decide.

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

This was my inspiration a while ago, so don’t worry about the hot mess you see above. It’ll all come together.

Oh yeah, and last night we got started on a little something else too:

Oh la la

How many projects do you have going at once? Please note, my list only includes things I’m actually tackling this weekend. I’ve got plenty of other half done projects laying around too.


UPDATE: Thursday goals have been accomplished!

Day 8 of organizing: The Guest Room Closet

I can confidently say that at this point I know what is in my guest room closet, which is an improvement because last week I could not confidently say that. It’s still not organized, but I’m getting there:

  • I removed all the painting supplies I shoved in there while we were painting the second floor and put it where it belongs (in a different clustered pile somewhere else in the house)
  • I opened the trunk and discovered it contains Halloween costumes, extra curtains, frames, an air mattress pump, and speaker wiring
  • All of Matt’s VHS tapes (yes, VHS tapes) are contained in the boxes
  • Burned movies are on spindles on the top shelf
  • A cat bed is shoved in there somewhere
  • Two short end tables from Walmart

Honestly I really don’t mind that it’s such a hodgepodge of things, it’s an extra closet so that’s what it’s for, but I’d like to give it some more order and make room for our laundry basket to fit in there as well.

My goal is to be able to come back on Monday and confidently say that it’s orderly and clean!


Edited to add: Not only did I get it clean, but I totally emptied it and turned it into a built in office space:

DIY built in closet office spaceSEE THE HOW TO HERE!