Nice and Level

After work today I set about hanging suspended shelves on the master bedroom wall- and it was a success! I was shocked at how easy this project went, because normally it takes me at least 57 tries to get something level up against a wall. It seems after my living room shutter project though, that the level and I have become a great team. Also, since I’ve come to the realization that I need to replace the screw requirement in any project with nails I saved myself a lot of trial and failure.

I measured twice to drill once, and I tested to make sure things stayed level at each and every step. First, I had to measure out and drill two holes into the wall for each shelf. The holes allowed me to attach a small wooden beam to the wall, which the actual stained and pretty shelf fit into. Then I nailed the top of the shelf into the beam (the instructions call for screws, ha!). Once it was secured I just organized my frames. Easy peasey!

To the left is shelf number one up and rockin’.

I put the shelves pretty high up on the wall because I want to make sure the cats aren't tempted to try and sit on them. For this same reason, the dresser is kept pretty bare.


My main issue with decorating the house so far is that most of the frames and art I had at our old apartment just don't fit right here. The shelves let me mix and match my frames instead of buying all new ones.


I also hung up a piece of art we got at a horror movie convention last year. I think for now, that's all we need on the walls in here. Eventually I'd like something on the other side of the bed, but I'm in no rush to find it.


It’s getting pretty cozy in this bedroom, and while there’s still more work to do I’m happy to leave it as so for a while. Once the rest of my large scale projects are done (painting the landing and both bathrooms), I’ll set to work on finishing up the bedroom. One day I’d like to sand and repaint our bureau and get new closet doors.