5 Home Tips & Tricks


Today I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my High 5 for Friday, but I thought today I’d kick it up a notch and make it a special edition.

Here are 5 of my favorite around the house tips that make life easier, more organized, more festive, more whatever-you-want-it-to-be. Also, this post is full of puns,¬†deal with it. ūüôā

1. Relieve some tension!

Use a tension rod to double your cleaning supply storage space. I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work, but that’s because you need a¬†good tension road (not a $2 Big Lots plastic one) and that you need to limit yourself to 3-4 bottles depending on how full they are.

I keep all my cleaning supplies under the sink, where you wouldn’t store any kitchenware anyway, and it’s nice and easy to put the commonly used stuff on the rod and the not so commonly used stuff below it.






2. Let it all hang out!

I use a large over the door towel rack (bought in the bath department) to keep all my necklaces from getting tangled. I used to just stuff them all in a jewelry box (ok, a shoe box) but they would be so messed up and intertwined that I was too annoyed to wear any of them. This works much better, and unless you happen to be in the bedroom and the door is closed you can’t see it at all. ¬†I don’t do this with my nice necklaces because they’re thin and I don’t want them getting caught on anything, but for my chains and beads and tacky stuff ¬†it works great.






3. Who says they’re just for flowers?

I keep my everyday kitchen utensils in a vase next to the stove instead of in a draw where my greasy hands might not be able to easily get them, and instead of in one of those unattractive kitchenware department set ups.

This vase came from TJ Maxx and was on clearance for $7. I had no idea what to do with it when I bought it, I just knew I loved owls and it was very cute. Do you have an adorable vase in a cabinet that you only get to use if someone brings you flowers? I say let that sucker out and about year round!






4. Get carafe-ty!

The internet has about 900 ideas for what to do with old wine corks, but while you’re collecting all the corks what do you do with them? I keep them in a carafe on the bay window right next to my bar (so it goes with the theme of the room to have them out and about!). If you don’t have or want a carafe, why don’t you get another vase out of hiding and put them on display in that? Or maybe a cute pitcher?





5. All soaped up. (I don’t have a pun for this tip…)

I am honestly far to lazy to reach under my sink or in a cabinet whenever I have to do dishes, and I don’t want a Dollar Store dish soap container sitting on my counter all the time either. Instead, I got this olive oil dispenser from The Christmas Tree Shops and removed the pourer so I could sneakily keep my dish soap out in it. I got this idea from a friend of mine and it works perfectly. I have a canister set out on the counter and this just plops down next to it and looks decorative.








So what do you do to sneak space around the house? To jazz up things that might not otherwise be jazzed? To use cute containers when you have nothing cute to put in them? I’d love to know!


What I Wore Wednesday VII

WIWW 7th edition already?! You know what that means….¬†it’s freezing out. But finally not raining (altough to quote Curly from City Slickers, the day ain’t over yet!).

I’m working some layers today, because it’s super chilly in here- I forgot to take a picture of my jacket, sorry. It’s only about 50* out but because it’s June the air is blowing at work, it’s got a scheduled date to turn on and once it’s on they can’t shut it off.

Today I’ve got a tank (as always), a ruffled white shirt, and a vest with my standard black dress pants and black shoes. I think I sort of look like a fancy waitress, but whatever I love my vest and I’m not taking it off! Finding a cute, short, cropped vest was far more difficult then it should have been. I bought it 2 or 3 years ago when vests were somewhat popular in the fancy time clothes department and I must have gone to over 5 stores looking for the perfect one- because of this I have absolutely no idea where it came from.

I thought I’d show off my purse and wallet today too, both are from the same store but were purchased at separate times. The purse, which is HUGE and AWESOME my mom got for me a few months ago and the wallet is actually a clutch that I purchased several years ago.

I use the same wallet every single day, since it’s in my purse it doesn’t need to match. For work I generally go back and forth between this bag and the one I featured in WIWW IV¬†because they’re both spacious and have lots of pockets inside.

Here’s the rundown for it all:

  • Ruffled shirt: New York & Company (within the past 2 years)
  • Vest: unknown (within the past 3 years)
  • Dress pants: Gap
  • Black heels: Payless
  • Purse: Anne Klein from TJ Maxx
  • Clutch: Kathy Von Zeeland from TJ Maxx

So what are you wearing today? Do you have any standard work purses? Can you please make it 75* and sunny? Tell me in the comments or join me on The Pleated Poppy!

What I Wore Wednesday IV

Welcome back for the fourth edition of WIWW! It’s still raining and dreary out, but it’s finally not freezing so I’ve been in sort sleeves all week. It’s a pretty exciting time around the office right now, I work at a community college and graduation is tomorrow night. The program I work in has lots of graduates moving on so we’ve had award ceremonies, lunches, professional development, etc. Today is the first day I have nothing on my schedule but regular day to day tasks!

We normally keep it pretty business casual around here, but especially so now that the students are gone. Surprise, surprise- I’ve got more navy, elastic waist, comfortable clothes on today.




I really am all about being outwardly professional and inwardly super comfortable all day long.

My top has a boat neck and a peacock feather pattern, and the sleeves are that extra wide drop style so I’m cardigan free this week. My pants have got to be at least 5 years old and in ironing them this morning I noticed how badly I need new brown dress pants- but man are they hard to find! I don’t want cream, I don’t want beige, I don’t want stripes- I just want plain old brown pants. Also, I only want them if they’re from the Gap because their petite length pants are the only pants I can find that I don’t have to hem shorter. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a sale!








In addition to my simple little outfit, I picked out some really cute accessories. I have to admit, I’ve been wearing the same earrings everyday for months now so I really needed to switch it up.


I’ve been using this purse all week- it’s work appropriate beige, but Stephanie appropriate metallic :). Then I’ve got a gold watch bracelet and some dangling pearl earrings.




Here’s the run down on where it’s all from:

  • Satin shirt: honestly, I have no idea. Sorry!
  • Brown pants: Kohl’s, about 5 years ago
  • Shoes: Walmart, about 5 years ago (you’d never know!)
  • Purse: TJ Maxx, Ecko Red brand, within the past 2 years
  • Bracelet: Modcloth.com, within the past 2 years
  • Earrings: Etsy.com, within the past 2 years


So tell me- what are YOU wearing today? Tell me in the comments, or join me in linking up the The Pleated Poppy!

What I Wore Wednesday III

Hooray for WIWW! It’s rainy and chilly and dreary still, and I’m holding on to wearing dark colors for as long as possible! Also, I love love love wearing dresses when it rains because then there’s no dealing with soggy pant bottoms and slushy dirt stains.

I’m in love with this dress. It’s baggy but it has an elastic waist so there’s nothing nipping and tucking all day, it’s long enough to wear to work, and it’s navy blue. I own 5 navy blue dresses, I’m just¬†drawn to them. For a very very¬†very long time I refused to even put on a dress, and now here I am saying I’m drawn to a particular kind. Weird. ¬†This one in particular I stumbled upon completely by accident. I brought a whole mess of clothes with me into the dressing room, and per usual absolutely none of them fit. The previous clothes-tryer-on-er had left this little number behind and I thought¬†why not!, even though on a hanger it looked completely shapeless and awful. Well, it ended up being the only clothing I bought at the store that day and it taught me that even if something looks awful it’s worth giving it a try! And it has POCKETS!

I’m going to refer to my beige cover up as a duster, though I have no idea if that’s what they’re still called these days. Does anyone else remember a time when sweater dusters were so super popular and everyone had to have one? And it basically just looked like we were all wearing fancy bathrobes all the time? I do. And it was approximately 15 years ago. But per usual, I digress- basically I have these¬†dusters to cover up my ¬†butt in case I want to wear a dress to work but it’s a little too tight in the tookus. It’s not the case with this dress, but it does work well to break up all the blue.




Today I had lots of student appointments, which meant lots of hours sitting at my desk, which meant super uncomfortable but still super cute shoes! Yeah! On the downside, they waxed the floors last night so whenever I did actually have to get up I had to maneuver newly shined floors in 5 inch stilettos. Yowza.


Also, these herringbone pattern tights/ stockings/ nylons/ whatever you kids are calling them these days were a random find when we were clearing out the closet at my Aunt’s house. I love me some pattern nylons- it’s the best way to secretly look a little trashy. Which is always ok in my book.



So here’s the run down of where everything came from:

  • Dress: Banana Republic Outlet (within the past year)
  • Duster: TJ Maxx (within the past year)
  • Shoes: 9 West Outlet (within the past year)
  • Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet (within the past year)
  • Nylons: Amazing surprise find at my Aunt’s house




Don’t forget to check out The Pleated Poppy¬†to see what¬†so many other ladies are wearing today!

What I Wore Wednesday II

Welcome to the second edition of WIWW! Wouldn’t you know, I found another blogger (totally way more internet famous then me) doing the same thing. Hop on over to The Pleated Poppy¬†to check out not only what she wore today but what her tons of followers wore too!

Today was a tough¬†get up and get dressed day for me- I’m fighting off an intense stomach bug and I also had a really important meeting today. Basically I haven’t been able to hold down food since Monday night and I absolutely had get out of bed and bring my A game to work. I needed to balance comfort with fancy, and here’s what I came up with:

I decided to keep it super simple: black shoes, black pants, black shirt, and a silver blazer. Nothing too tight or too clingy, nothing itchy or pull-y.

I am not the type to wear a full matching suit, and I never expect to be, so for me this was professional¬†with style. I can’t be in head to toe black, and I hate suit jackets, so I felt that this met somewhere in the middle. Sure a shimmering silver jacket is a little wild for a professional meeting, and rolled sleeves are semi-Miami Vice but I think it looked just fab.

I kept my jewelry as minimal as my outfit today too- flashy, but not overpowering. A girl always needs some flash, amirite?!

Here’s the run down of where it all came from:

  • Silver Candie’s brand blazer: Kohl’s (last week!)
  • Black t-shirt: TJ Maxx (sometime in the past 2 years)
  • Black dress pants: Gap (sometime in the past 2 years)
  • Black ankle boots: Payless (within the year)
  • Fossil watch: TJ Maxx (within the year)
  • Pendant necklace: a bridesmaids gift from my dear friend Megan

And so I throw it to you- what did you wear on this dreary, rainy Wednesday?