Big Plans

As of about noon today we should be officially moved in to the house, spending our first night there tonight! I have ambitious goals for this week, and I think maybe if I write them down and share them it’ll motivate me to get to all of it:

  • -Monday (today!): pick up necessary things at Walmart, unpack/organize shoes and clothes, unpack/organize bathroom supplies
  • Tuesday: clear out sunroom and kitchen, begin to dewallpaper
  • Wednesday: completely dewallpaper sunroom and kitchen
  • Thursday: buy as much paint as I can afford, put away anything that will live in a closet
  • Friday: stop by the Habitat store in hopes of getting a mailbox and basement door
  • Saturday: family painting party! egads!

I am trying to aim low so that I don’t get overwhelmed. You’ll also notice there’s not a lot of set up and room planning going on, but I feel like that should all wait until the painting is done because there’s no point in moving everything around twice.

Wish me luck!