99 cent graphics

Good afternoon all!

I am feeling SUPER under the weather so this week will be slow on the home front, but I thought I’d share a little Etsy shop I stumbled upon. Popalicious¬†advertises on the sidebar of The Shabby Creek Cottage¬†and I fell in love when I clicked over.

The shop sells dozens of 99 cent graphics, which are all emailed to you so you can print them and use them as you choose. There’s also a bunch of specials, I did the buy 3 get 1 free.

I’m starting think about wedding colors and designs and things are erring towards the vintage side so I scooped up the following 3 images (which I will receive in the color you see here and in black and white):

The shop will switch out the monogrammed P for any letter you want, I chose M.


They are sent without the watermark and without the number in the bottom corner, and honestly even if I change my mind on what things are going to look like for the wedding I only spent $2.97 so it’s not a big deal- I’d rather have it now then completely forget about it in a year when I actually need them.

I figure these images may come in handy when I design our wedding invitations, or maybe when I design my centerpieces. And if not, well they’d look cute in frames or in our scrapbook any way!